“The Domestic God And Random Thoughts 101.2-101.4”


I am the “Domestic King” of random thoughts. It’s true, I’m not joking. If I had a dollar for every random thought I’ve had in the last five days, I’d probably be halfway to becoming a millionaire. Sometimes, I actually scare myself with the random thoughts that continuously just “pop” into my “Domestic God'” pinhead! I never know what to expect . . . and neither does anyone else. You see, I’m usually all to happy to share these eclectic “brain farts” with my family and friends.

Now, the way these thoughts are received and understood by my loved ones ranges from full out hysterical laughing to being looked at as though I have leprosy and need to be separated from society. Hey, I can’t help it, shit just happens. Some of these thoughts are profound and powerful and stay with me for days, sometimes months even, while other thoughts and ideas are whimsical, heavy or just plain disturbing, but they only stop by for a brief visit.

Here is a sampling of some of my most recent “random thoughts” for your reading pleasure. Please don’t take them to seriously. Although, I’d be willing to bet that some of my “random thoughts” will strike a chord with others from beautiful music to off key and flat. Like I said; “They’re just random thoughts.”

“What the hell is up with evaporated milk?” I was reading the ingredients for a recipe the other day and it called for a can of “evaporated milk.” In my book, the word evaporate or evaporated means . . . it’s all gone! So I’m supposed to add a can of milk that is no longer there, (ie) “evaporated?” Does that mean I’ll just be opening a can of “air” and make believe I’m adding milk? And where am I supposed to find this “evaporated milk” in the grocery store . . . in the aisle that’s empty, where everything is all gone, as in “evaporated?”

“Why does anyone really care about the Oscars?” Seriously, I’d rather watch my grass grow than watch a bunch of over-paid, formally dressed, Illuminati members, accept an award for playing make pretend in front of a camera. Think about it for a minute . . . while you sit there in your modest house, small apartment, double-wide trailer or log cabin watching this mindless show, these actors and actresses will go home to one of their many gazillion dollar mansions that you helped pay for! They want for nothing, they have everything, they don’t worry about paying their bills or how they’re going to make their next mortgage payment or monthly rent. And their great fortune is all because of you! Yes, you! Your movie theater donation has helped them buy and pay for everything that you don’t have! If you can’t buy it for yourself, why would you help someone else buy it for themselves? Oh, it’s not just this profession that I have issues with their outrageous salaries, I feel the same way about professional athletes salaries too. There is so, so, much more, good, that could be done with that kind of money other than helping to pay for someone else’s brand new Swiss chalet in the Alps.

“Why does my life suck so badly?” Yeah, that one’s pretty self explanatory.

“Why do they air commercials for all these restaurant’s that we don’t have anywhere in my region of the U.S.?”  I’ve never seen a Golden Corral, an Arby’s, a Red Lobster and several other restaurants that are advertised.

“Damn do I want some Macaroni and Cheese with bacon and caramelized onions!” Nuff said?

“Hasn’t anyone else realized how many meteors there have been lately?” Wake up world! Something is going on in the heavens, and I don’t mean something pleasant and angelic either. Jesus, am I the only one who reads about this shit? In the month of February 2016, there were more than 3,000 meteors that ripped through our atmosphere and on February 6, a meteor the size of a living room exploded over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Brazil. NASA (Never A Straight Answer)  never saw it coming into our atmosphere and waited two weeks to inform the public of what happened! Are you kidding me? I’m so glad to see our tax dollars are working to keep us safe, huh? This Is Not Normal Everyone! Something is causing this to happen and I have a feeling I know what it is, but I really don’t feel like starting a war online. I’ll just leave it at that . . . “What, did I just hear someone say Planet X?”


“If Johnny has 20 marbles and Peter has 7 dogs, what color is Becky’s house?” Yeah, I hate math!

“Why do we vote in the Presidential election when none of our votes really count?”  It doesn’t matter how many votes a candidate gets, it’s all based on the Electoral College. (which I don’t get at all) Maybe if the candidate who physically got the most votes and not the candidate who kissed some major ass could win, then the Presidential election would be fair and honest. But it’s not, so therefore . . .  it’s a big joke. Let the ass-kissing begin!

“In the land of the Have’s and Have not’s, why can’t I  be part of the Have’s just once?”

“I wonder if they’ll ever have a full disclosure about extraterrestrial beings and UFO’s?” That would be so cool! I mean seriously, would it really surprise anyone in the world if they announced that ET’s are real? It wouldn’t surprise me at all. I’d be like . . . “Duh, that news is like so yesterday!”

“Why can’t we all just get along?” The concept is pretty simple, maybe that’s the problem, it’s too easy! Maybe if everyone just minded their own friggin business and worried about themselves, this could work. The entire world should just take a chill-pill and relax.

everyone just relax
everyone just relax

Stay tuned for more random thoughts and enlightened ideas . . .

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So much Peace, Light and Love to all! Namaste, The Original Domestic God!






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