“The Domestic God Does Disney On $$$ . . . um, I Mean Ice!”

Last Friday, I took my wife, daughter and granddaughter into Boston to see “Disney On Ice”  at the TD Bank Garden. Luckily I won these four tickets because they were $30.00 a piece which I would have never spent because the seats were, well, for lack of a better word . . . shitty!  I can’t imagine, well, yes I can, how much the price of tickets were for the front row seats facing the main curtain/scenery. I’m guessing that you’d probably have to remortgage the house or take an equity loan in order to buy those tickets. No wonder families of four, five, or more, can no longer afford to see these type of shows, it borders on “Grand Theft Larceny!”

My granddaughter is five so we thought it would be a fun idea to take the train into North Station from the next city over from ours. It’s a half hour ride and the Garden is located right at North Station. The price tag on that for the three adults, round trip was $42.00, my granddaughter was free.

Winnie Loves The Train
Winnie Loves The Train

After waiting in line for a half hour to go through security, we finally made it inside. Of course on our way to our seats we were greeted every ten feet by a vendor selling overpriced, Disney junk, I mean souvenirs. I promised my granddaughter that she could get something so she picked out this plastic wand thing that lights up and spins. To be fair, I also bought a similar item for my two and a half year old grandson because all Hell would break loose when we got home and he didn’t get anything.  Price tag for both . . . $45.00 We found our crappy seats and my granddaughter asked me if she could get a snow cone in an “Olaf Cup?” (Olaf is from the Disney movie Frozen just in case you didn’t know) “Sure” I said, “I’ll be right back!” And off I went in search of the concession stands.

Olaf Cup
Olaf Cup
Olaf Cup
Olaf Cup










I proceeded up to the stand and asked for a snow cone in an “Olaf” cup. The price tag on that . . . $15.00 Wait, it gets better. After the woman handed me the cold, multicolored ice filled, piece of junkie, plastic, that probably cost 50 cents to make in China, she asked me if I wanted a spoon? I wanted to look her in the eyes and say. “DUH,” but I bit my lip and politely said yes. “O K” she says, “that will be three dollars.”  Seriously? Three dollars for a f****n spoon? Are there hidden cameras on me right now, is this a joke? I almost told her where to place that spoon, but thought it better not to make a scene and get either tossed out or arrested for disorderly conduct. Again, I politely handed over $3.00 for a shitty plastic spoon that most likely cost 3 cents to make . . . in China! Grand total $18.00 for a f****n dumb ass  snow cone!

The ice show itself was O K, great costumes and scenery we couldn’t see because of where our seats were. As a formal protest, I will never again even entertain the idea of going to see another show like that. I’d rather take them to a Broadway show for that kind of money.

Hope you enjoyed my little “Disney” rant and as always . . . Peace, Light and Love to all!

Namaste, “The Original Domestic God!”

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