So last night before I went to bed, the weather forecasters were stating that we were going to get some snow beginning in the early morning. Nothing major, just a few inches, four inches of the white stuff at most. That’s really nothing when you live up here in the northeast and considering we broke all sorts of records last year with a whopping 110 inches of snow, this is piddly squat. Anyway, as weather is not an exact science, there is always room for a little error on either side of the coin and that is exactly what happened to us today.

Our forecast quickly changed from 2-4 inches of snow to 4-8 inches of the heavy, wet, cold, nuisance and “Mother Nature” didn’t disappoint, that’s for sure. No big deal, we’re used to it, but the issue wasn’t so much the amount of snow, but the kind of snow. We get two kinds of snow up here; “light and fluffy” which happens when the temps are frigid (like 15 degrees) or “heavy and wet”  which happens when the temps are more seasonable (like 34 degrees) Today’s winter event was of the heavy and wet kind which is actually the worst kind of snow. We call it “Widow Maker” snow because people are always having heart attacks shoveling it.

I must admit, the snow was beautiful as it was falling and sticking to literally everything in sight, but as the daylight faded . . . so did the temperatures. This meant that all that wet, heavy snow, was starting to freeze at a very quick rate and that spells “trouble!” You see, the heavier it gets, the more destructive it gets. Currently there are many cities around me that have been without power for quite a while and that sucks because the temp is only 26 degrees and falling quickly. Also, something extremely strange happened to the sky just as the sun was setting. I’ll get to that after I show you some winter pictures.

Snow filled trees
Snow filled trees
snow covered trees
snow covered trees










And now about the sky; In the 54 years I have lived here, I have “NEVER” seen this happen to the sky after any winter storm . . . ever! And let me tell you, I have seen hundreds of snowstorms. It was about quarter to five in the evening and the lighting eerily changed inside my house. It was abnormal and creepy, that’s the only way I can describe it. I went to my back door and looked out towards the west and that’s when I saw it. The most unusual, eerie, almost apocalyptic, looking, colored sky I have ever seen. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it and yelled inside for my wife to hurry up and come take a look at the sky.

It was a purplish, gray, pink, sky with a yellow tint. The yellow grew brighter, much, much, brighter than it should be not only at this time of day, but at this time of year. You could almost feel the heat coming off of it. What makes this even more bizarre is the fact that it was still snowing and the cloud deck was heavy with absolutely no breaks. My wife and I stood there hypnotized by this ominous sight and my wife seemed a tad bit uneasy. I grabbed my phone and began to take pictures. The next thing I knew everyone and their brothers were posting pics and comments on social media questioning what they were witnessing. My brother who lives 30 miles north of me right over the New Hampshire border was also seeing the same exact scene unfold. I’m not sure why, but one of my first thoughts was that it was because of the incoming planet “Nibiru” and its moons. Scary thought huh?Not sure what we witnessed, but I’ll never forget that sky, that’s for sure.

strange colored sky
strange colored sky
strange winter sky
strange winter sky










Sure hope everyone stays warm and dry tonight! If you should feel so guided to, please share or Reblog this post as it would be greatly appreciated! Namaste friends, “The Original Domestic God!” Please don’t be a stranger, subscribe to my blog! All are welcome, all are welcome!


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