“A Lillie In January”

I live in the northeast only about a mile from the frigid, unpredictable, Atlantic ocean where winters are normally harsh and unforgiving. It’s not unusual for us to have temperatures in the single digits with wind chills that can sometimes make it feel like forty five degrees below zero. We also have to deal with that awful four letter word; “snow!”  Last year was brutal as it seemed that it would never stop snowing and we broke our all time snowfall record topping out at almost one hundred ten inches of that beautiful, horrid stuff. Oh, and just for the record . . . even though Chicago is called the “Windy City,” the truth is that “Boston MA.” is actually the windiest city in the United States.

This winter has been so mild compared to last year that even though it’s thirty five degrees, we’re not wearing jackets when we go outside, a hoodie will do the trick.  Christmas day was like sixty degrees and so far we’ve only had about four inches of yucky snow. It’s all gone now as the above average temperatures quickly melted it away. Yesterday was no different either.  Temps went into the lower fifties and the next few days are supposed to be in the upper fifties and possibly lower sixties. Last year on this date we had a snowstorm that dumped almost twenty inches of snow on us.

Yesterday while I was outside cleaning up in the backyard, I happened to notice a small dark green object protruding from the ground. “This is unusual” I thought to myself, “nothing is green around here in the winter except the pine trees.” Now my interest was peaked and I had to go find out what it was. It really took me by surprise when upon further examination I realized it was one of our Lillie’s coming up. How could this be? They don’t usually come up for another three to four months and here it was January 31, and the ground was giving birth to our springtime friend.

January Lilly
January Lilly

Could this mean we’re going to have an early Spring or is it only a super-hyped, Lilly with OCD? Maybe our seasons are so screwed up because of outside influences? I mean, magnetic north has shifted greatly and the substantial, tenfold increase in earthquakes and weather anomalies seem to be dominating this “time” period in our present history. I understand that most everything is cyclical, but something just doesn’t feel right. I can’t explain it and all I can say is that; “some big change is on its way!” Sadly, this upcoming, major, change (to me anyway) doesn’t feel like it’s going to be a “positive” one, but more like one of a significant upheaval filled with negativity and devastation. It’s almost as though this event will force everything to “change”  and only after it will peace, harmony and balance be restored.

I can honestly say that I truly don’t like feeling this way and I sincerely hope I’m completely wrong about this change. I am a firm believer that through intention and sincerity it’s possible to change the outcome of certain events. Let’s hope this is one of those times! And  just as the “January Lilly rises beautifully from the magnificent, life-giving Earth, mankind shall also rise above their own discretion’s and emerge on the other side somehow better . . . bruised and battered, but positively transformed.” Change is inevitable, no one is immune, but we have the power to nudge it in a positive direction. While we’re on the subject of change, I would be so humbly honored if you took the time to visit my website; www.iamperfectlychangedandawesome.com  and while you’re there, sign up for my free monthly newsletter.

All are welcome in my home, we are not strangers just friends who have yet to meet. If you feel so obliged, please subscribe to this blog (Blogging around with the original Domestic God) and share it with the world! And as always . . .

Peace, Light and Love to All!  Namaste, Jim



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