“Yes, It’s True . . . We Are Only Stardust”

“We Are Only Stardust”

“A Visit from Our Celestial Grandparents”

In Search Of Our Ancestors
In Search Of Our Ancestors

A few years ago, my wife and I along with some friends spent a week vacationing on a lake in Maine. One beautiful, crystal, clear, night, I pulled my lounge chair out on the beach and laid there gazing up at the spectacular night sky. There were so many stars it was like a billion winking eyes staring down at me. In a deep moment of silent meditation and awe, a profound thought came to the surface of my consciousness; “I was looking at our great (x) a zillion grandparents of the human race.”  Joni Mitchell was right when she sang; “we are stardust!” 

Now, when my friends asked me what I was doing, I boldly stated; “Looking at our ancestors, the greatest grandparents in the universe!”  Of course they laughed at me and it really surprised me that none of them could understand how much truth there was in what I was saying. They laughed it off either not wanting to really believe what I was saying was true or they were possibly afraid of believing it as it would make them question their own existence.

Come to find out, my profound thought was spot on and has been proven by astrophysicists, astronomers. Pathologists, chemists, and biologists. “All the elements that make up humans came from our glorious universe, we are descendants of stardust!”  Still don’t believe me? Then I suggest you visit;


and read the fascinating article about our great grandparents . . . “Stardust!”

The human body is comprised of elements forged by stars and so are plants, animals, electronics and many, many, other things. Did you know that Earth plays host to 92 natural elements such as gold, carbon, oxygen and sodium? They are the “building blocks” of the universe . . . and us! According to:  https://student.societyforscience.org/article/we-are-stardust 

“Steve Desch thinks HFLS3 might help answer some important questions. The Milky Way galaxy is some 12 billion years old. But it doesn’t make stars fast enough to have created all of the 92 elements present on Earth. “It’s always been a bit of a mystery how so many heavy elements built up so fast,” says Desch. Maybe, he now suggests, starburst galaxies are not all that rare. If so, such high-speed star factories might have given the creation of heavy elements an early boost.
By about 5 billion years ago, stars in the Milky Way had generated all 92 elements now present on Earth. Indeed, gravity pulled them together, packing them into a hot cosmic stew that together would eventually coalesce to form our solar system. A few hundred million years later, Earth was born.
Within the next billion years, the first signs of life on Earth appeared. No one is exactly sure how life here got its start. But one thing is clear: Elements that formed Earth and all life upon it came from outer space. “Every atom in your body was forged in the center of a star,” observes Desch, or from collisions between stars.”

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