“The Domestic God And The Don’t Hate On Me Club!”

“The Domestic God And The Don’t Hate On Me Club!”

“Want to become a member?” Joining is relatively simple and it’s free! All that is required is that you leave all your prejudgments, bigotry, self-righteousness, closed-minded, egotistical, holier than thou attitudes at the door.There are only a few easy rules you will need to follow as a member of the  “Don’t Hate On Me Club.” They are as follow;

  • None of us give two shits what your religion; is, recommends, thinks or preaches, so keep your religious beliefs to yourself. As a member of this exclusive club, you will “respect” the rights of others to practice their religion freely as they seem fit. However . . . we will not tolerate any religion or organization that promotes any form of abuse either physically or emotionally. Everyone is entitled to participate in whatever religion they want to, but please remember your particular faith is no better than the faith of someone else. If you “can’t”  understand that, then this club probably isn’t a right fit for you.
  • Never “judge” another human being until you have walked a mile in their shoes. Sometimes things in life are “not” what they seem and the struggles that others may be going through cannot be seen from the outside. As my mother use to say; “Don’t go telling someone else how to clean their house unless yours is perfect and spotless!”  
  • Understand that “everyone,” and I mean “everyone” is created “equal” and deserve to be treated as such. People can love who they want to, marry who they want to, live where they want to, go where they want to, no matter their gender, sexual orientation or race . . . and speaking of race
  • There are no such thing as “races” there is only one race and it’s called . . . The Human Race!”  Well, there also might be “alien” races, but until they introduce themselves to us, it’s anyone’s guess.
  • As a group member, you will promote “happiness” and “laughter” as there seems to be a major shortage of both lately.
  • You will abide by the rule that “All Lives Matter!” There is not one life that matters more than another and only in realizing this can we unite as “one,” instead of dividing into many, ego based, clusters.
  • At all times, you will treat “all living things” with respect and dignity.
  • You shall “never hate on anyone!”

The rules are actually quite simple and I’ve come to realize that those individuals who can’t or won’t become members are narcissistic and live in a different reality in which fear, tyranny, oppression and super ego’s are the norm. Hey, but if that’s your thing, well, so be it . . . “who am I to judge?” I think the picture below says it all so very eloquently;

11796464_10153183832917987_7377770271963922342_nAmen! And who better to represent freedom than “Abraham Lincoln” Although he, like all of us, wasn’t perfect, he understood the philosophy of America. Watch this next video till the end where Lincoln gives my favorite speech from the movie; “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”

“Party On Dudes!”

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