“Are You Ready For Contact?”

UFO picture c/o fotolia
UFO picture c/o fotolia

“Are you ready for contact?” Seriously, what would you do if suddenly a breaking news story came on the television or over the radio announcing that we have made contact with an “extraterrestrial”  civilization and their arrival on Earth would be in only a few minutes? Now I really want you to think about this for a moment and use your wonderful imagination and imagine that it is taking place right this second.

“What would you do?”  Would you gather your children up (if you have any), pack up the car and head for the hills? Would you be nervous and scared sh**less, pacing the floor screaming; “what do I do, what do I do?” Would you depend on our government to protect you at all costs or would you bake our new alien friends a “welcome home” cake and take a selfie  standing next to one of our earthly visitors?

You see, people sometimes react differently than how they believe they would react in any given situation. Maybe you’re the type of person who says they’d be calm, cool and collected (only because they’re really not here) and then crap yourself when it actually happens or perhaps you’re the scaredy cat who suddenly finds the strength and courage to deal with the event logically and calmly. Which one will you be?


“Attention people of Earth, you can no longer think you’re the only form of life in the universe. You’re not as special as you thought you were! (cue loud, wet, raspberry)”  It’s no secret that I am a firm, staunch believer in UFO’s, extraterrestrials and thousands of other worlds that contain some type of life form and I also believe that they have been visiting Earth for hundreds of thousands of years. I mean, honestly . . . “do you really, sincerely, believe that humans (well, earth life) are the only living beings in the entire, infinite, universe?” Please tell me that you’re not that self-centered and narrow minded.

Every year, thousands of sightings or encounters with UFO’s (unidentified Flying Objects) are reported around the world. Over the last few years, the number of sightings have gone up by almost seventy percent. For sh**s and giggles, let’s say that there are five thousand reports in a year. Now, let’s say that 80% of those reports can be explained as natural or illusions. That still leaves one thousand reports that cannot be explained so easily.

Did you know that “NASA” (Never A Straight Answer) actually hires “Internet Trolls”  to search out social media post’s, Youtube video’s, etc . . . so they can create nasty, pathetic, comments, to make people look bad in an attempt to cover up the truth even if the proof is right there in front of them. NASA (owned by our government) does not want anyone to find out the truth about extraterrestrials, UFO’s and other worlds and will stop at nothing to prevent us from finding out the truth.

But again, “What would you do if a UFO or a fleet of UFO’s made themselves known and their landing was broadcast around the world?” You wouldn’t be able to deny their existence any longer, “How would you react?”


2 thoughts on ““Are You Ready For Contact?”

    • You’re so right, we could probably learn a great deal from them. Hopefully the first lesson would be how to treat humanity and Mother Earth with respect. It’s kind of funny because most people don’t ever think about first contact. In my head I know how I’d like to react, but I can’t guarantee that’s “how” I would react.

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