“SURPRISE! OMG They’ve Been Missing For Over Two Years!”

Shock, that’s the only way I can describe my initial feeling . . . which was quickly followed up with joy, happiness and gratitude. Have you or someone you know ever lost something that was both valuable and cherished? You know, like a family heirloom, a piece of jewelry that has been handed down for many generations. If you have, then I’m sure you’ll appreciate this story. Even if you haven’t, you’ll appreciate it too.

A little more than two years ago my wife was getting ready to go out with me for the evening and had taken her jewelry off to clean her rings and gold bracelet. Plus, she was dying her hair so she didn’t want to accidentally get any dye on them. I watched her put her jewelry in the cleaning solution and also watched her take it out to dry it off.

We finished getting ready and went out for the night. While we were at the restaurant, she realized that she didn’t have any of her jewelry on. I told her not to freak out and that we’d go back after dinner to get them. We went back home and my wife ran in to get her forgotten jewelry saying that she’d be right out. Well, twenty minutes later, she still hadn’t come back out so I decided to go in and see what the hold up was.

No sooner had I opened the car door when she came running up to me yelling; “they’re gone, all of them, I can;t find them anywhere, we’ve been robbed, I know it!” So much for a nice, fun, evening out huh? I rushed into the house not knowing what I was going to find . . . or not find. Everything in the house was in order and exactly the same as when we had left. I was pretty sure that absolutely no one broke into our house and I was pretty sure that she had just put her jewelry down somewhere and couldn’t remember where.

Together, we searched for more than an hour retracing her steps and looking in many different places for her lost items. I was certain we were going to find them, they couldn’t have gone far. She literally just had them before we left the house! They were absolutely No Where! Now the both of us started freaking out. You see, among the items were; her wedding ring, engagement ring, her mothers family heirloom 1 and 1 1/2 karat diamond ring, a very expensive emerald and purple (not sure of the name of the stone) ring, an aquamarine ring and a 20 karat gold bracelet. Yes, they were worth a great deal of money, but it was her wedding, engagement, and grandmothers ring that I was more concerned about. Those obviously had so much sentimental value and could never be replaced.

I was beginning to think that we were broken into, so I re-checked all the doors and windows and everything was fine . . . perfectly fine. “Where the hell did you put them?”  I shouted out a little bit to loudly, which of course made her cry. I apologized, telling her I yelled out of frustration and confusion. My game plan was to stop looking because that’s when we would find them . . . when we weren’t looking for them. I mean, seriously, they had to be someplace right in front of us and we were looking to hard for them. Two hours went by . . . three hours went by . . . twenty four hours went by and still . . . nothing! My wife was heartbroken and so was I. I knew they hadn’t been stolen as it was clear no one had broken into our house and I even tore through trash bags thinking that maybe she accidentally tossed them in there by mistake. At the end of every search we always came up empty handed. I even called local pawn shops to see if someone might have tried to pawn them off and still there was no sign of them.

Days turned into months and although we didn’t find her jewelry, sadly we did find out that my wife had “Early-Onset Alzheimer’s disease.” That was another heartbreak we all had to contend with as my wife was only 52 years old and way to young to have to go through that. However, after her diagnosis, one of my daughters brought up the point that because she has “Alzheimer’s” maybe she unknowingly put her rings in some extremely odd place and had no recollection of doing it. What she said made total sense to me, but the fact still remained that . . . “They were still missing!”  Where could she have put them? After a year and a half of looking with no results, both my wife and I had given up on ever finding them. My wife’s condition was progressing and I sincerely felt horrible that she would never have those precious rings to be able to maybe recall a fond memory.

Two and a half years have gone by and entertaining the thought of finding those rings had just about vanished from both of our thought processes. So one day last week was bitterly cold out and my wife couldn’t find her mittens anywhere. I said to her; “don’t you any other mittens?”  She looked at me and said; “I don’t know, maybe I have some old ones in my bureau drawer.” Off she went to see if she could find another pair of mittens. The next thing I know, there’s this blood curdling scream of excitement coming from our bedroom. I ran into the bedroom to see her crying her eyes out clutching a worn out red mitten. Guess what was inside that red mitten? If you guessed her missing rings and bracelet, you guessed right! 

Now it was my turn to scream for joy and I wrapped my arms around her and gave her the biggest bear hug ever! She had absolutely no memory of putting them in there or why she even put them in there, but they were home now and that was truly all that mattered. They had been missing for more than two years, can you believe that? I have to wonder if there was a higher power at work here who wanted to reunite her with her past. They are locked away someplace safe now and luckily we’ll never have to go through that again!

We have been blessed and are so, so, grateful for that blessing. Peace to all who read this!


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