“Happy New Year!” How Do You Plan On Entering 2016?

And so, another year passes . . .  as I look back on 2015 I can say with unconditional confidence that I am not disappointed to see it leave. I can’t say it was a great year because it wasn’t. As a matter of fact . . . “It Sucked out loud!” I’m hoping that 2016 has much better things in store for me, well, for all of us. I firmly and spiritually believe that 2016 is going to be a year of “change” for everyone on this planet, including myself. To what extent and for what purposes we will change is a complete and total mystery. We reside in a Universe where the possibilities that exist are infinite.

However . . . maybe we can choose to manifest those unknown possibilities in a positive direction and gently guide them using our very own, powerful guidance system called “The Heart?”  So, as we kick 2015 out the door, enter 2016 by leading with your heart. Remember . . . “Lead, lead with your heart, it’s the one thing you can trust, because it always comes from love.”

Wishing everyone a Happy, Safe, Healthy, New year! May you always walk in the “Light” and know that you are loved! Peace!


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