“New Year’s Resolutions . . . How About A New Year’s Evolution?”

So, how many of you out there plan on making “New Year’s Resolutions?”  Wow, that’s a whole lot of you! This of course leads me to my next question; “How many of you will break those resolutions after only a short period of time?”  Wow, that sure is a whole lot of you!  It’s not that your attempts or ideas aren’t noble or virtuous, but my own personal feelings about making New Year’s resolutions are that resolutions are like “pie crust promises” made to yourself . . . “easily made . . . easily broken.” Therefore, instead of making a resolution that you will soon break or give up on, may I suggest making a “New Year’s Evolution?” 

“What is a New Year’s Evolution you ask?” Good question . . . For the New Year of 2016, make it your intention to take one (or more) aspects of your life and “evolve” that aspect into something better, more positive, than it was before. Instead of resolving to lose a ton of weight, evolve your eating habits into something a little more healthy. You’d be pleasantly surprised at the difference one small change can make over a long period of time. Making a resolution is like putting a time limit on something whereas “evolving” takes as long or as short a time as necessary without making you feel pressured to complete your mission before time expires.

You can “evolve” your sense of compassion by reaching out and helping someone or something in need. You can “evolve” your sense of style by not being scared to try something new, even if you’re the only one who likes it. That’s O K, it’s your life and if you like it, then that’s all that really matters, isn’t it? Evolve to spend more time volunteering or just being a great friend who doesn’t judge or condescend. “You can positively evolve yourself into anything your heart and mind wants to without worrying about breaking some lame resolution that you subconsciously set yourself up to fail at!”  Allow Peace, Joy, Gratitude and Forgiveness into your being and the “Light” will show you the way.

I’d like to take this time to wish everyone out in the world a Happy, Blessed, Joyful and Safe New Year and may 2016 be as magical as you intended it to be! Peace, Love and Light to all . . . Jim ❤


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