“Thanksgiving” is three days out now and the leftovers in the fridge have been barely touched. I mean, sure, I’ve made a couple of turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, sandwiches, but there is still other food items that deserve to be eaten. I really misjudged the amount of turkey I would need this year as I cooked a nineteen and a half pound turkey for like six people. Two of my other guests are vegetarians and my grandkids eat practically nothing if it isn’t covered in chocolate or ketchup. We did have a great laugh though when my four year old granddaughter announced to us that she had learned many things about “Thanksgiving” Curious, I energetically asked her what she had learned. In a proud and confident voice, she bellowed out; “NEVER TRUST A PILGRIM!!” Laughter erupted in my house so much that it probably raised the vibrational frequency of the world.

Here it is, the Sunday after “Thanksgiving” and I am hell bent on using the leftover turkey in some form or another. So, next on the menu; turkey stew, turkey and stuffing, turkey in stuffing in gravy, turkey fritters, pickled turkey legs, turkey a la king, turkey ala mode, turkey parmesan, turkey teriyaki, turkey pancakes, turkey tacos, turkey jam on toast, turkey chip cookies, turkey jello and for dessert . . . hot turkey fudge sundaes!  Ya, that about covers it . . . I’m obviously kidding about several of these, I mean, who eats pickled turkey legs?

All joking aside, I do have to use the leftovers today so I’m going to make an awesome turkey casserole that everyone in my family loves. Whatever is leftover goes to the cats and the dog. How do you get creative with your leftover turkey? I’m looking for some new, fresh, ideas that can be easily prepared and taste great. Peace out Y’all! Blessings to you!

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