“The Domestic God Has A Profanity Filled, Bad Day, er . . . Week, er . . . Year(s) . . .”

“When it rains, it pours!” How many times have you heard that old, worn out, cliche before? I guess it can pertain to certain; things, events and situations that are both good and bad depending upon your present reality, but in my case, let’s stick with the latter explanation. If this cliche is based on fact, then apparently a Super Typhoon is bearing down on me right now, drowning me in a torrential rain storm that is sure to sweep me out to sea. Was that to dramatic? Oh hell, this Domestic God has had a really, really, bad day . . . I mean week . . . I mean year(s). With all the crap that’s been going on in my life lately, I’ve come to realize that; “this isn’t living . . . it’s just not dying!”

Money is super tight right now so any negative event that calls for the dishing out funds that don’t actually exist just plain sucks! Sometimes I truly wish that I had the ability to match my “vibrational frequencies” to that of a parallel reality where everything in my life is running as smoothly as a hot knife through butter and jump right in! At the present time, nothing . . . and I mean “nothing” is going right for me. The sad truth is when I say; “present time,” I could be referring to the last four years of my life, but for now I’ll focus on the last few days. This is where I add a little comic relief . . . appropriately called “Time Warp!”  because that’s what I wish I could enter . . . right now! Luckily, moi . . .  “The Original Domestic God” has still managed to retain a good deal of my sense of humor despite being knocked down and dragged through the mud like a piece of timber. The story picks up again when you sit down and rest after dancing . . .

So, a couple of days ago, I hopped in my 1998 Ford Explorer, started it up, put it in reverse and began my slow crawl out of my driveway. After traveling about three feet, my ears were assaulted by this horrifically loud bang and my car adamantly refused to proceed any further.  I shifted it into drive, pulled forward and then tried the whole thing over again. To my dismay, I was met with the same resistance and could not back out of my driveway. I could drive it forward, just not backwards . . . hmmmmm? I called my daughters boyfriend who came out, tried to back up and was also met with the same fate. “I’m pretty sure your transmission just shit the bed” he said regretfully.We made a decision that he would push me out of the driveway and I would drive it (forward) to a service station we use right around the corner.

After a brief check up, I was told my transmission was fried and it would be between $2,500-3,000 dollars to have it rebuilt. (cue commencing of profanities that would make Satan blush) The good news was that I could still go anywhere as long as I didn’t have to go in reverse. I drove it home and parked it in the driveway on the side of my house which has a nice slant to it. I figured I could get a good roll on it and then go forward. “What the hell am I going to do?” I kept repeating over and over. (cue tears) I am usually a positive person who always looks for the silver lining in bad situations, but this time it just wasn’t going to happen. Everything finally caught up to me and I realized that all I have done for the last few years has been to look for way, way, to many silver linings and I’m finished, I quit! (Ya, that’s what I always say)

Dejected, I went inside, sat on the couch and pouted like a three year old. I was so angry and depressed that I couldn’t think rationally so I decided to wait until later before hurting myself from thinking to hard. Later on that evening my appetite came back a little so I threw some leftovers in a bowl, placed it in the microwave and set it for one minute. Without warning, my microwave started making horrible noises like a transformer does right before it blows up. My wife and I ran into the kitchen just as the microwave went . . . . “KABOOOOOM!” Flames shot out the sides of it and the door blew open sending another torch of fire straight out at us. Without thinking, I ripped the plug out of the wall, slammed the door shut and ran for the fire extinguisher.  To my amazement, the flames that erupted went out just as fast as they exploded and it didn’t catch on fire. There was absolutely no reason for that to happen. The bowl was microwave safe and there was not even the tiniest speck of metal anywhere in or around it.

If the profanities I used over my transmission seemed disturbing . . .  even to me, then my current use of them could be classified as a man possessed by every dark , negative, entity, vacationing in Hell.  Grabbing the oven mitts I picked up the dead microwave (which by the way was only eight months old,) kicked open the back door and hammer threw it onto the cement patio. I flipped it the proverbial bird (still cursing) stormed into the house and shouted out to God that I never wanted anything from him ever again and that he could go himself! Getting me to that point of snapping is extremely difficult as I am generally a peaceful, gentle, person. I guess every person has a breaking point, me included. Jeez, I’m only human!

With everything I’ve had to go through and live through the last few years like; fracturing my neck and breaking my back, eight major corrective surgeries, (I have 42 screws and other assorted hardware just holding my neck together) excruciatingly painful physical therapy, two blood clots, a staph infection that almost killed me, becoming disabled, losing more than half my yearly income, finding out that my wife (53 years old) has Alzheimer’s disease and was forced to retire so young also losing more than half her income and now- I must become a full-time caregiver ending whatever chance I thought I might have had at ever having a fun, exciting, life again, I’d say that I have every right to have the occasional, full-blown, breakdown. Wouldn’t you?

I’ve yet to find my place in the Universe and when I look back at what I’ve accomplished during this crazy, turbulent time, I can’t understand how things haven’t turned around for me. I paid a ton of money (which I really didn’t have) for an education in SEO and creating Landing Pages and then for an education in “Writing Copy” which I am super good at and put everything I have into creating awesome copy. I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but I thoroughly enjoy writing copy and creating sales pages, fundraising letters, advertisements, etc. as words seem to come very easily to me. I even decided to start my own business called “Chameleon Direct Marketing And Copy” thinking with diligence and hard work, I’d build up many clients. Boy was I wrong, what a moron I am. To date, I have zero clients! It’s so overwhelming working with zero clients, I don’t know how I do it! That’s not all I accomplished either . . .

Fifteen years ago in 2000, while attending a party at a friends house, I was introduced to an exceptionally gifted Healer/Intuitive Medium from the U.K. She was a genuinely, kind and friendly person. During the course of the party, she came over and asked me if I had ever done any healing work? I said; “No why?” She then asked me if I had ever heard of someone being a “Star Child or Indigo?”  Again my response was “no.” Well, to make a long story short. According to her, “I was an Early Star Child” who came to Earth in order to pave the way for the minions of “Star Children” who would follow and that I was also a “Healer. I couldn’t disagree with her because I had always known that I was somehow different. My grandmother was half Native American (Abernaki) and I remember as a child her telling my mother that I “had the gift.” Now, all these years later . . . I get it! The Healer from the U.K. also said that I would know when the time was right to use my gifts as a “Healer.”  She told me that one day a Star Child would be born into my family and that I would instantly recognize him/her and that the connection would be powerful beyond anything I’ve ever felt. Well, she was right, it was amazing beyond words. She was born in 2011, my granddaughter, my “Star Child”  Over the next few years, between surgeries and everything else, I began my training with a Reiki Master so I could assist my granddaughter on her journey. As painful and tiring as it was from trying to heal myself as well as learning how to use my gift, I learned that through love, hope and faith . . . anything is possible! I am now a “Master Teacher of Shamballa (Reiki) Energies” and an “Intuitive Healer.” I also have a grandson now and here are my two beautiful reasons for never giving up.

Winnie my beautiful Star Child!



I humbly invite you to visit my other two websites dedicated to showcase what I do.



And just for sh**’s and giggles, I finally did something that I had always wanted to do my whole life . . . record one of my original songs. Did I forget to mention that I have an extensive background in music? Ya, can you believe it? Anyway, if you enjoy Christmas music, oh, and Country music, you’ll love this “Christmas song.”  Just head over to iTunes and type in either “Home By Christmas Night” or “James Sirois” and it will take you directly there. So where was I . . .  oh,

And if one more idiot says to me; “God never gives you more than you can handle,”  I’m going to gauge their eyes out with my thumbs and stick them in their ears so they can see what dumb things they’re saying . . . quite often I just want to look at them and say; “really? try it out and let me know how it all works out for you!”  And yet . . . and yet, somehow, everyday, I find it within myself to say; “Things will get better, just wait, it will happen if you stay positive.” Ya, I’m still waiting! So I must leave you with these words of encouragement, words I sing on a daily basis, please don’t be shy, I invite you to sing along with me. Who knows, maybe we’ll both have a great day? Ready?


End Alzheimer's Disease
End Alzheimer’s Disease



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