“Hey Dad, Make A Wish, It’s Your Birthday!”

When I woke up yesterday morning, it was just like any other morning, you know how it goes; You stumble to the kitchen in a fog as you attempt to get the coffee ready, you let the dog out to do his duty and pray that the elixir of life will be ready when you go back in. Yesterday morning was a little different, my phone was blinking like the dashboard of a jumbo jet and making pinging sounds as if it were a metal detector. ““What the Hell?”  I so exquisitely yelled at it and picked it up. The first message was from my sister; “Happy Birthday Jim, hope you have a great day-love you!” “Holy expletive!” I shouted out, “Today’s my freaken birthday!” 

I had sincerely forgotten that it was my birthday. I stopped counting how old I was several years ago after I fractured my neck and broke my back which changed my life forever. After that, birthday’s meant nothing to me except to remind me that another year of pain and suffering had gone by and that I had another year of the same exact thing to look forward to. Sounds great, doesn’t it? As I sipped my coffee and pondered my accomplishments over the last year, depression set in like a circus elephant sitting on my chest. I must admit, I did have high hopes for some success with my writing last year, but I was foiled again. Hey, it’s not like I’m not trying because quite honestly; “I’m so sick of being broke, I’m beginning to think I’d sell my soul for the opportunity to be financially blessed.”  Now, if you think that’s pathetic, let me tell you what else the last year brought. My wife of thirty years, who had just turned 53, worked full time, incredibly intelligent and motivated was diagnosed with “Alzheimer’s Disease.” You want to talk “Life changer?” If one more person feels the need to tell me that; “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle,” I’m going to say; “Ya, try it and let me know how it works out for you!” 

As I sat there drinking my coffee, my daughter came into my office, gave me a kiss and said “Happy Birthday Dad, Make a Wish!”  I thanked her, told her I would and then told her to be careful driving to school. (She’s a senior in college at U Mass) Hmmmm . . . “What should I wish for?” In that second, a thought occurred to me; Sure, I could wish many things for myself, things like wealth, success, great health, a chance to get discovered, but maybe that’s why my wishes don’t come true. Perhaps I should stop thinking about myself and realize how many other people and situations need miracle wishes to come true for them. Maybe then, my wishes will come through to fruition.

I wished that researchers, doctors and scientists could find a cure for “Alzheimer’s Disease.” It is a heartbreaking, deplorable, disease that has the power to destroy families. Luckily, we are blessed to have a close, loving, caring and compassionate family which some people don’t have at all.

I wished for an end to all the civil unrest, genocide, war, famine, homelessness, murders and destruction of Earth being witnessed around the world.

I wished for “Peace” throughout the world! I get it, I can hear you laughing right now, but guess what? This is “my” wish and I’m sincere about it. I have to remain optimistic and believe it can happen.

I wished for the “True Disclosure About Extraterrestrial Beings” and how long they have been either living here or visiting here. C’mon folks, you really don’t think that you’re the only living beings in the entire Universe, do you? Besides that, things have gotten so bad here on Earth that maybe it’s time for these beings of higher consciousness to finally come down and give us the help we so desperately need.

I wished for a cure for any disease that can kill you. Plain and simple, “Let’s cure everything!”

I wished for a better world and future for my grandchildren so that they may grow up to be happy, healthy and successful and not have to worry about things like; nuclear war, climate catastrophe, GMO’s, absurd tuition costs, killer diseases and a totally corrupt government.

I’m sure I could wish for many more positive things to take place to assist and heal the world and all the people, everywhere. And as I think of them . . . I’ll wish for them.

As for my Birthday . . . Who knows, maybe someday the wishes I have so humbly wished for myself will come true, but for now I’m just going to say; “I am thankful and grateful for all that I have and sincerely blessed to have so many loving, caring, people in my life.” Who knows, maybe next year will be my year to shine, my year for success. “I Believe, I Believe, I Believe!”

Oh, I almost forgot, do you like Christmas music? If you do, please check out my original Christmas song on iTunes. In the search bar, just type in either’ “James Sirois” or “Home By Christmas Night” and you’ll be taken right to it. My original Christmas song is on an album appropriately titled “Santa” 

As always, peace, love and light to all. Namaste!



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