“O K NASA, Tell Us Something About Mars That You Didn’t Know Already!”

The internet was going crazy with post’s about NASA (Never A Straight Answer) holding a special press conference where they were going to release some new and exciting news about the red planet Mars. Speculations, theories and assumptions were the topics of the day that ranged from NASA informing us that they had found proof of life on Mars to the structures photographed by Rover being man (or alien) made. So what was the big news NASA was jumping up and down about? Are you ready? Are you so excited you could spit? It was . . .


Look, I’m not trying to be a buzz kill here, but I have a sneaking suspicion that NASA has known for many, many, years that Mars once had water (as in oceans) and still does a good distance beneath its surface. I truly find it hard to believe that NASA just found this out and was so surprised about it. I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks this way either. Think about it for a moment . . .

NASA is and always has . . .  employed some of the most brilliant people in everything from “astronomy” to “astro-biology” to “astrophysicists”  as well as many other modalities related to the cosmos and I’m pretty sure that they know a great deal more about “Mars” than they are spouting out about. As a matter of fact, I’d be willing to bet that they already know that life existed on the surface of the planet and for all we know (I’m sure NASA does) still lives deep within it. Crazy? I don’t think so! I sincerely don’t think all those brilliant minds going back decades wasted their time playing Pac-Man, they went searching for and found answers. Answers which they have never disclosed to the population and probably never will.

Honestly, I would have been way more excited if they told us aliens were real or that they found “Elvis!”  Sure, finding water is awesome news  and it could mean so many things, but next time, how about telling us something that you sincerely and honestly didn’t know. I wonder how many other people out there were as let down as I was upon hearing NASA’S huge breaking-news story?


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