“The Smell Of Autumn (Fall) Is In The Air!”

The dreaded (well, for me anyway) transition from Summer to Autumn (Fall) has begun up here in northeast Massachusetts and just like every year at this time, I get depressed. Yes, I am a disgrace to my French Canadian/Native American heritage because if I had it my way . . .  it would be sunny and eighty five to ninety five degrees every day of the year. Give me palm trees, warm, aqua marine, water and beautiful white sand to run my toes through and I am a happy camper. So why the Hell am I living in a place that last year saw record snowfall and arctic temperatures? Well, because no one in my family will move with me, that’s why . . . they all love the change of seasons and think Winter is so beautiful! They’re dumb-asses if you ask me, possibly even a little demented too!

To be fair though, when the “Fall foliage” is at peak, it is absolutely gorgeous. There is something humbling and refreshing about taking a hike through the woods, around a pond or lake when the air is crisp and the leaves from the different trees bathe you in brilliant colors of red, orange, gold, yellow and dark purple. Luckily, I live in the suburbs where there are many farms with apple orchards and pumpkins by the hundreds. We always pick a Sunday when my whole family (extended family too) spends the day traversing the orchards in search of those perfect apples and pumpkins. The little ones love to go into the petting zoo and then take a hayride through the colorful woods.

Our outdoor excursion wouldn’t be complete without going into the barn/store where you are greeted by the smell of fresh apple cider, apple pies, apple cider doughnuts, pumpkin pie, squash pie and many other glorious food products that take your sense of smell to higher dimensions and make your mouth water and your stomach growl.  Even when you get home, you’re pleasantly assaulted by the aroma’s of fresh Macintosh and Cortland apples as it fills the house up with the “smells of Fall.” Sadly though, the days are getting shorter and the sun is retreating into the western sky much sooner than I’d like it to.  I am not a big fan of this and it gets worse when we have to move the clocks back an hour for daylight savings time.

This week is a very, very, busy one for me and my family as my youngest daughter is getting married next Saturday and there is still so much to do. Her wedding ceremony is being held outside in a beautiful, landscaped, brick walled, rose garden right on the ocean at a beach/park. The roses are gone, but the colors of the trees and bushes should make it incredibly gorgeous. Now we have to say our prayers that the day is sunny, warm and dry, but if it isn’t, the venue where the reception is being held said that they could have the ceremony right there. You always have to have a backup plan!

Oh, I almost forgot, we also have “The Topsfield Fair” (the oldest fair in America) to look forward to and my favorite holiday . . . “Halloween!” And when you live in the city right next door to “Salem Mass” like I do, Halloween takes on a whole new meaning! 


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