“The Pope Has Landed” Let The Games Begin!

I just watched the Pope’s plane land at Andrews Air Force Base where he was greeted by the President , the First Family and many other dignitaries as well as throngs of cheering spectators. With all the negative hype that’s been aired on YouTube and other media sources about him, it’s very difficult to believe all those accusations and prophecies when you see him and the way he interacts with “everyone.”  Even one of the reporters who actually got to sit with the Pope on the plane and ask him questions mentioned how Pope Francis has been referred to as the “Anti-Pope” and the “Anti-Christ” and apparently he asked the Pope about these names during his interview. The Pope just shrugged it off and said something like “No, I don’t where the red shoes.” 

I am a recovering Catholic and I am hesitant when something within the Catholic religion seems to good to be true. Maybe it’s paranoia, maybe it’s a premonition, but that old cliche “Beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing”  keeps jogging around inside my head not letting me rest. Do I have any idea what is going to happen or what he is going to say when he addresses Congress and the United Nations? Absolutely not! The problem exists because there are way to many opinions, videos, explanations, accusations and whatever else surrounding the Popes visit that it becomes confusing like a menu at Taco Bell!

Whatever happens, I hope it is of a positive nature and not the other way around, but as I have learned in life; “There are no guarantees.” Well except death . . . and taxes.


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