Veteran’s Will Power Is Alive And Well

Support Our Veterans!

Christian Patriots

Veteran’s Will Power Is Alive & Well

Determination and brute force combined will get you most places. 

Ignorance will NOT!

This past Sunday evening (Sept. 13th, 2015) a band of a growing citizens of the USA huddled around their computers, radios, Smart phones and listened to their fellow Americans tell an oh so true tale of being let down by their country that they served.

Veterans, their spouses and families have had it up to here, with Governmental Bovine Slurry that espouses from officials of the Veterans Administration, regarding the health and welfare of those that served their country and have and would lay down their lives for the security of the US Nation and its allies.

17,400 + people have joined in linked arms and pocket books to bring a message to the US Nation and the VA. 


The VA is Lying

Veterans Are Dying.

Billboards have been purchased…

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