“You’ll Never Walk Alone, Miracles Happen When You Believe!”

“September 2015” has been predicted to be a month that will go down in history because of some incredibly big changes that are supposed to take place around the world and here at home. With so much “negativity” being generated across the globe, it’s no wonder so many good people are experiencing doubt, fear and gloom accompanied by a desire to just simply give up. Every day we are being bombarded with horrific stories, predictions and prophecies that are said to be our judgement and punishment for the selfish, inhumane, greedy, Godless and intolerant society of people we have become.

We are living in a time of “Jade Helm 15, ISIS, Economic Collapse and the possibility of a third World War.” Let’s face it, the world is in some serious, deplorable, trouble and desperately needs the assistance of everyone who “BELIEVES” we have the power and ability to move mountains. You can’t hide from the issues no matter how hard you try and attempting to block them out is not the solution. The mighty “Elite,” you know, the powerful “Illuminati” are trying to brainwash, control and dumb-down the people of the world using whatever means they have available, but especially . . . “FEAR!”  Don’t fall into their trap . . . push back with every ounce of “Positive Energy” you can muster and focus on a “Positive Solution”  that will insure an outcome beneficial for all the people of the world, not just a chosen few.

I can’t predict the future, but I can “Believe” that we, as human beings, are so much better than the savages we are led to believe we are according to the “Cabal.” In 2014, the world was told by the “French Foreign Minster and the Secretary Of Defense John Kerry” that we had “500 Days Until Climate Chaos,” but yet, we weren’t told what the consequences would be on September 24, 2015, the five hundred and first day. I could probably speculate and come up with a gazillion possible dire endings or judgments, but instead I choose to focus on “Healing”  the World not hurting it. The time has come for a “World Wide Awakening” and the implementation of “Positive Solutions” to free us from being indebted slaves to the “Powers that be.” 

I understand that you are confused and torn between what you know is right and what you are told is right, but it’s time to start thinking for yourselves and thinking positively to generate incredibly awesome changes for the entire world. Think about the future of your “Children and Grandchildren,” what kind of legacy do you want to leave for them? I know you can do it, “I BELIEVE IN YOU!”  Now go ahead and “Believe in yourselves!”  Change is never easy, especially when fear is involved, so I want all of you to know and understand that; “You’ll Never Have To Walk Alone!”  We are all in this together . . . collectively as a whole . . . and there will always be someone around who has your back.

“I Bless All Of You With An Abundance Of Love And Light, I Bless All Of You With The Purest Energy From Source!”

“Walk On With Hope In Your Heart . . . And You’ll Never Walk Alone!”

Pass it on!


“Miracles Happen When You Believe!”


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