“That’s No Demon . . . That’s A Benevolent Alien Sent By God!”

Late this morning, I was watching a YouTube video that was published on August 27, 2015 about all the shocking events that are supposed to take place in “September 2015”  and how it could possibly be the “Biggest month in world history.” While I most certainly can’t prove that this is the truth, I also can’t prove it isn’t. I must admit though, I do believe we (The United States and the World)  are definitely on the precipice of some major, life-altering, changes that I’m hoping resolve themselves peacefully and not with the death and destruction predicted by so many people representing many different religious denominations and backgrounds.

I would be lying through my teeth if I were to tell you that I wasn’t just a bit frightened by the possibilities or outcomes of a few things set to go down in September, but  for right now, I want to focus on one subject discussed on that YouTube video. A very well spoken preacher, perhaps a minister, a pastor (I’m not good at differentiating from any of them) was speaking about the dangers and possible horrific consequences of the experiments performed by CERN and the Large Hadron Collider. I happen to be in full agreement with the Pastor on this one, but anyways, he also spoke about CERN opening other dimensions thus freeing demonic entities . . .

The conversation then morphed into a lecture about how any connection with or proof of “extraterrestrial beings”  is false as there are no such thing as “aliens”  and they can only be demons. I don’t know about you, but I think that is probably one of the most self-centered, egotistical, things I have ever heard.  How can a man of the cloth, a believer in God and Jesus state with such conviction that “aliens” couldn’t exist. The last time I checked, every time someone prayed to God or Heaven they all looked upwards. Also, by stating there is no such thing as “aliens and UFO’s” he is putting limitations on the God he claims to be the Creator of Everything. So apparently God, his anyway, is only capable of creating Earth and the residents who live there and nothing else.

I’m sorry, but to think we are the only life forms in our infinite Universe is presumptuous and totally illogical from both a scientific and religious point of view. Do I think that demons don’t exist? Absolutely not, I believe they have been around for a long, long, time, but they should not be confused with “aliens” from other worlds. Our world is in enough of a mess already and I am sincerely hoping that God has given the green light to our Extraterrestrial Benevolent Brethren to come in peace and assist us in waking up the world and allowing God to bless us and lead us into a more civilized, loving, way of life.

Next on the agenda . . . “Please don’t let an asteroid strike the East Coast of America!”



2 thoughts on ““That’s No Demon . . . That’s A Benevolent Alien Sent By God!”

  1. Thanks for your post. Personally I don’t listen to the doomsayers. Even if a catastrophe were to happen, we all pretty much know where we all sit with God and where we’ll end up. You’re either a believer or you aren’t, and churches and religions, in my opinion, are used to control and manipulate populations. They ALL interpret the Bible, Koran, etc… to their own ends. Peace, brother.

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    • I so agree with what you stated. My relationship with God is very personal the way I feel it should be. I believe that God doesn’t discriminate . . . religions do. Peace to you as well!


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