“Survey Says . . . My House is Haunted!”

My family and I share our house with entities who have somehow managed to remain on this side of the veil. Ya, who am I kidding . . . “It’s Haunted!” Think I’m joking, wait until I show you a picture of what a “ghost or spirit” decided to leave on my bedroom floor one morning. let’s just say that; “neither my wife nor I would sleep in the bedroom for over a week!”  That was one episode that truly scared the snot out of us, which is kind of funny considering I’m an “Intuitive Medium” and nothing should surprise me at this point in my life. Allow me to give you a quick overview about the house I live in.

My house was built in 1763 and just up the street about 500 yards at the edge of the woods is a cemetery where the original owners of the house and their descendants are buried. The city that I live in was once a part of the city of “Salem Mass”  You know, the historic city of the famous “Witch hysteria, trials and executions” during the 1600’s. Oh those silly Puritans!  Anyways, my house is old and some of the former residents decided that they wanted to stay and hang around for awhile. Ya, like 300 years . . .

My wife grew up in this house and it has been in the family since the early 1940’s. We have all had paranormal experiences both together and separately and they can range from benign to, well, terrifying. I have personally seen the full body apparition of a tiny, elderly woman with long salt and pepper hair, old fashioned glasses and wearing what looks to be a long white nightgown. I actually saw her walk through our living room door and walk into our kitchen. I took off after her, but by the time I got there she was gone . . . then I went and changed my underwear.

My daughters boyfriend stayed over the house one night and in the middle of the night came downstairs to use the bathroom. The next morning, he asked my daughter who the old woman was that was sitting on the couch in our living room? “What old woman?” My daughter asked him. He then described the same woman that I had seen several years before and he had absolutely no previous knowledge of my experience. When my daughter told him that she was a “ghost”  he started laughing and said; “Oh my God, I said hello to her!” Needless to say, it was the last time he ever stayed over our house.

Growing up, my daughters had “paranormal experiences” that would make them scream and come running into our bedroom. Sometimes our experiences were not very pleasant and I seem to remember one or two that made my wife cry from being so frightened. These were usually followed by a strong smell of sulfur which let me know that we were dealing with a very negative entity. I would always “smudge” the entire house after such events. She also remembers her and her family having similar “paranormal experiences” when she was growing up. For the most part we live together in peace, but occasionally they decide to get playful and rambunctious and play tricks on us like hiding our keys or moving things around.

However, there was one event where a “ghost or spirit” left a couple puddles of blood on our bedroom floor. I had been having a totally restless sleep and it felt like someone was very close to me staring at me. I knew something was around me, but I never expected to wake up and find those blood spots on our floor. I sincerely thought someone in my house was hurt and bleeding, but everyone was fine, even my cats. As a matter of fact, everyone was still asleep in their beds and the cats were upstairs with them. They aren’t allowed in our bedroom at night so we close our door.

I ran around the house like a maniac and woke the whole house up. We all just stood outside the bedroom door, speechless, staring at the blood spots. None of us would even take a step into the room. Finally I went in and yelled to the air; “I don’t know what you were trying to tell me, but I can’t help you if I don’t know who you are and what you want!”  Nothing . . . silence . . . I washed the spots up and had such a difficult time wrapping my mind around what just happened. About a week later, one of my friends (also an Intuitive) called to let me know that she had a dream/visit from a woman who claimed to be the one who left the blood spot. Apparently this woman had had a miscarriage in that room like over a hundred years ago and was still distraught over it. Now it all made sense . . . sort of.

My daughters are grown now and my wife and I have been really toying with the idea of selling the house and moving into a smaller place. We don’t need this huge house anymore. Of course, if we move, I’m going to have to let the new owners know about the other tenants who are out of this world.

ghostly spot of blood
ghostly spot of blood
ghostly blood spot
ghostly blood spot

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