Love Isn’t Difficult . . . Hatred Is!

“Love isn’t difficult . . . Hatred is!”  Let’s face it, love is something that comes very easy to us and hatred is something we are taught. As a matter of fact, we are all born with the capacity to love from the moment we first look into our parents eyes and each and every day after that. Love does all the work for us and we unconditionally accept and share it with everyone and everything, no questions asked.

We Love because we want to and it makes us feel good, but somewhere along the line we are taught, for the most part, that only certain kinds of love are acceptable and that we are to hate and pass judgement on those who love differently than we do. Why? Who are we to put restrictions and guidelines on what love is and who or what is deserving of it?

Firstly, it takes so much more energy to hate and holding on to that much negative energy is going to wreak havoc on your health and well-being. Secondly, the love you feel for your spouse, partner, companion comes from a place of joy and happiness and is equal on all levels and one is not better than the other. Love is free flowing and easy where as hatred is dense like quagmire.

To feel hatred based on who a person chooses to love not only lowers you on a human level, but also creates great difficulty on a personal level. Take a good look around, do you really think that things need to become more difficult than the situations we as a society have already created? So what’s it going to be . . .



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