“Full Disclosure . . . Are We Any Closer To The Truth?” . . . “Maybe We Are!”

With each year that passes, more and more people around the world are accepting the fact that UFO’s, aliens and “Inter-Dimensional” Beings do exist and have been visiting the Earth for tens of thousands of years, possibly even hundreds of thousands of years. Many of these believers even know that some of these entities are walking among us every day without us ever noticing them. There are a number of reasons for the sharp increase in believers, but I believe the top three reasons are as follows;

  1. An increase in unexplained actual sightings and encounters with alien space craft and their extraterrestrial occupants. Now, more than any other time in our history, reported sightings have increased the likes we’ve never seen before.
  2. Top UFO researchers in the world are finding and displaying evidence that for years has either been kept secret in some secure location or just recently found. The cause is also helped along by reputable witnesses who are finally coming out and finding the courage to tell the truth. This includes; “former astronauts, military personnel, doctors and scientists,” just to name a few. As more and more courageous people come forward and inform the public of the truths they know, the evidence will become so overwhelming that the governments around the world will finally have to disclose the truth to the world.
  3. Physics, Scientists, Engineers, Religious Leaders and Investigative Journalist’s. In lieu of a whole lot of physical evidence, academia has pretty much given us all the proof we need in both the existence of other worlds and UFO’s/ extraterrestrials/inter-dimensional beings. I must give a great big shout out to all the brilliant physicist’s in the world and their incredible mathematical equations that prove the theory of parallel universes and that it is totally possible for wormholes to exist. Academia has shown us that the reason we don’t have much physical evidence is the fact that these UFO’s/Inter-dimensional beings can easily flip from our world into another and that they have cloaking devices that make it virtually impossible for our technology to detect. (Or can they?) I do not now nor will I ever claim to understand the mathematical aspect of physics, but I can, for the most part, follow their logic when they describe certain theories.

And let’s not forget about all the other fine men and women who have contributed through different modalities to the understanding that UFO’s and alien civilizations exist and have been around for way longer than we could ever have imagined. Do you really think NASA (Never A Straight Answer) would ever come right out and tell the world the truth? Well, maybe not all at once, but I believe that they have been giving us little bits and pieces of truthful information here and there to see how the populace will react before coming clean with the truth the world has been waiting to hear. Even members of some religions are stepping forward and pressuring NASA and world governments to fully disclose everything they know. “Why?” Because they know the truth and possess first hand knowledge of what is out there in our infinite Universe. Below you will find a video that even though it’s a number of years old, it still holds so much truth, so much insight, so much evidence. It is a lecture given by the “go to guy,” Mr. Bob Dean and it would do you good to watch the video in its entirety. Mr. Dean is whimsical, captivating, funny and quick-witted and you just might learn something new!


Like Mr. Dean, I almost feel sorry for “NASA,” but not that sorry! I will say that I understand the reservations NASA has about disclosing the truth, but I also know that as a population we have become more enlightened, more accepting and more aware of the possibilities that exist both inside and outside of our Universe. For lack of better words . . . “We have grown up.”  I know that for some of you that’s a difficult thing to believe especially given the disgusting way we treat each other and the Earth we live on, but what you must understand is; “our thinking, attitudes and actions are directly related to the corrupt way we (the people of the world) are treated and the continuous head games, fear and mind control the Elite subject us to on a daily basis.” Maybe now would be a great time for NASA to disclose all that they know in hopes that more advanced societies with “Beings of a higher consciousness”  might find it in their greatness to assist us on our path to enlightenment.  “Why can’t we all just get along?”  We do have some incredibly awesome, intelligent, truth seekers like Dr. Steven Greer, Mr. Richard Dolan, Linda Howe Moulton and quite a few more notable people working diligently in our behalf to bring about the changes we so desperately need by pressuring NASA, Congress and other Governments of the world to make a “Full Disclosure!” Don’t you want to know the truth? I know I do! Of course, along our journey of disclosure, there will be many times when the Cabal, who want full control of the world, its populations, its money and resources will fill the media and all its outlets with a plethora of “dis-information”  in an attempt to brainwash the masses into believing that it’s all a lie. Don’t be a puppet and know that what you think and how you feel still matters.


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