That’s No Comet . . . That’s An Alien Spacecraft . . . Here It Comes!

September, 2015 is only a stone’s throw away and I must admit that with all the predictions and prophecies expected to come through to fruition, I’m beginning to get unbelievably nervous and feeling extremely anxious. Is this the end of life as we know it? I wish I could go back in time to when I was just a kid. A time when I didn’t have to worry about whether or not we were going to get wiped out by an asteroid or nuked by some other crazy-ass country. A time when I believed in our government and the religious leaders were not being accused of walking with Satan or waiting for the return of aliens.

I really wish I knew the truth about what is really going to take place in September. Obviously, my first order of business is protecting my family and keeping them safe. I can’t believe that I used to think that my grandchildren were going to grow up in a different time, a time of peace, a time of enlightenment, a time where everyone respected not only each other, but all of nature and every living thing. What kind of world are we ushering in for them, for all children, everywhere? Has our destiny already been written with no way of altering it for the better? Could someone please tell me the truth, is all of this real or just a bunch of bull shit?

Trying to separate what I believe and what I don’t is remarkably complex. Everything makes sense, yet, at the same time . . . it doesn’t! I keep thinking about “Father Malachi Martin” and what he said to “Art Bell” about the “Third Secret of Fatima” and how what was told to us was not the truth and what’s in store for us is truly terrifying and horrible. Father Malachi Martin actually read what was written on that paper first hand, but because of an oath he took, he could not go into detail about it. He also said that “Satan” was already here and residing in the Vatican. 

Is the “Vatican” really looking for “aliens,” and have they already made contact? And what about this “asteroid” that’s supposed to crash into the Atlantic ocean on or near September 24, and cause a tsunami the likes the earth has never seen before?  I wish I knew, I sincerely wish I knew the truth. For now, all I can do is keep my eyes and ears open and pray that God or some other Higher Power gives me advanced notice of any catastrophe so I can save my family. Below you will find a very interesting video. Pay special attention to right around the 3:13 mark. This could definitely be what the “Vatican Astronomers” on top of “Mount Graham” are so closely watching heading towards Earth. I believe that we are witnessing an “alien spacecraft” and not a piece of the comet Ison.

This would make so much sense and fall right into place with what the “Pope” is supposedly going to speak about when he addresses both Congress and the U. N. on “September 23, 2015. Are we participating in the events of “Revelation” What is going to happen to us? Where is the “Truth!” What are your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “That’s No Comet . . . That’s An Alien Spacecraft . . . Here It Comes!

  1. The interesting thing about the truth. Is that it doesn’t care. Presence of alien visitors, even the idea has been around for some time now. “Time to tell the world”/ discloser may be closer then we think? Even if the case, it’s not a surprise, as intended by those within the power to do so. Even to my 7 year old, aliens are no surprise. Change at our rate, technology wise has been tremendous, cram another 100 years into the next 20, already putting average people like me way way behind what we think to be mainstream science and discovery. Fear is the strongest human emotion, how many people WOULD fear aliens? Provided they are in true form of course. Perhaps we will just except them and “progress”?

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    • Dave, I like your answer. Personally, I have believed in extraterrestrial beings my entire life and I have always hoped that disclosure would happen. Maybe disclosure is right around the corner. I can only imagine the technology my grandchildren will grow up with. It very well could be that aliens are walking among us right now!


  2. Aliens Are among us right now. And have been for a while.(it can be proven) Maybe it’s not what you see, but what your looking for? I CHOOSE to believe is the proper acrenem I think.

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