The Galactic Garden Of Good And Evil . . . Are We Saved Or Screwed?

I firmly believe that three quarters of the world’s population are sincerely “Good” people who don’t condone; “war, terrorism, racism, greed” and many other cruel and deplorable acts against humanity. But sadly, it’s the remaining quarter of the population who are; “evil, deceptive, greedy and vile” that seem to receive so much attention from sources like the media, television, movies, music and yes, the internet. (no doubt the largest and fastest source) However, being “good” does not have to mean being totally naive or thinking that the world is all rainbow’s, fluffy bunnies and unicorns skipping merrily through a world where everyone, especially governments, secret organizations and religions would never lie or deceive the population. There’s a big difference between “being good and being stupid!” 

So before anyone gets all up in my face and all defensive and stuff, let me say this; “my intention is not to insult, put down or make fun of anyone for their beliefs or what they stand for.” All I ask is that you approach everything with an open mind and a desire to learn the truth, even if it goes against what you thought was the truth. If I say something is a fact, well, that means it is and it’s documented and you can Google it and research it for yourself. Conversely, if it isn’t a fact, then I’ll clearly state that it’s a matter of opinion or that it’s possible, but not proven. Again, please read and watch each video all the way through before you cast judgement.

Yes, I believe in the “power of positive thoughts and thinking” and I know and understand that collectively we can focus our positive attention on just about anything in this world and do our best to change the outcome for the better. If I didn’t believe in it, I would have never become a Master Teacher of Shamballa (Reiki) Energies, that would have been such a waste of my time and positive energy.  But . . . There are certain negative things, events and even people in (and out) of this world that exist and are real and that no amount of positive thoughts or thinking can, or will, ever be able to change it no matter what you do. Simply just not thinking about it “won’t make it go away.” It’s actually better to acknowledge it without giving it life and choose not to accept the fear it thrives on. Now more than ever, the Earth needs our positive vibrations wrapped around it with love and hope.

Lately, there’s been a plethora of predictions and alleged prophecies about how the good people on Earth, especially the United States, will face some pretty harsh and deadly events beginning in September of 2015. Some have predicted that either a real or military faked asteroid strike will hit the north Atlantic sending an enormous tsunami to wipe out the east coast and millions of people. Could that be why we supposedly have the Jade Helm 15 military drills going on preparing for martial law? Other people – like professional and amateur astronomers, have introduced us to the theory that planet X or Nibiru will be entering our backyard as soon as December and literally ripping apart the Earth in March of 2016.

Many religious denominations believe that we are at the beginning of “The End Times,”  the battle between good and evil has begun and God has sounded his trumpets. Even the Priest astronomers at the Vatican observatory on Mount Graham in Arizona freely admit that they are tracking an inbound object heading towards Earth. Of course we can’t forget about CERN and the “Large Hadron Collider” as the scientist’s flip the switch to high power for an extremely dangerous experiment looking for parallel dimensions which some people feel will be like opening the abyss to Hell freeing the demons to enter our world. And last, but not least, is the “Black Pope” and the “White Pope’s” visit to the U. S. where he will address both Congress and the United Nations. Speculation abounds as a great number of people fear that “Pope Francis” will be seeking the formation of a “One World Government,” a “Palestinian State” and possibly even  “admitting to knowing about and exposing the existence of aliens.” This of course connects the Vatican (The Black Pope) to the Bilderberg Group and the New World Order which consists of some of the most “Mega- Wealthy, Powerful, Influential, Satanistic and Evil” people in the world who really run the “World Stage” and control all aspects of our lives . . . except our  hearts and our souls.

I know this is a ton of information to throw at you all at one time, but in some bizarre, strange and  cosmic way,  it’s all connected to each other. Be patient and read and watch each paragraph or video as they come along. Bookmark the page and come back if you have to, but read, think and absorb this information and let your brain and common sense take control. It’s actually pretty scary:

In the “Book of Revelation,” it is said that God will sound out trumpets to announce his return and cast judgement on mankind. Over the last few years, trumpet sounds have been heard in the sky all over the world. While some may be related to nature and others a hoax, in my opinion the majority of them are real and unidentified. Are these sounds the trumpets of God? Are we in “The End Times?”

“The Bilderberg Group:” (fact) According to Wikipedia, “The Bilderberg Group” 

  1. The Bilderberg Group, Bilderbergconference, Bilderberg meetings, orBilderberg Club is an annual private conference of 120 to 150 political leaders and experts from industry, finance, academia, and the media, established in 1954

In other words; they’re the wealthiest people in the world who control everything and get away with murder . . . “literally” They decide the means to reduce the population of the world and financially control everything. They want to see a “New World Order”  a one world government, a one world currency. It should come as no surprise to you that “The Black Pope,”  the “President of the World,”  the Reverend Father Adolfo Nicolas” is also a member of “The Bilderberg Group” and is; “The Most Powerful Man In The World!” Yes, you read that right. The title “Black Pope” refers to the black vestments he wears compared to the white and other colors that “Pope Francis” wears. The Black Pope is actually more powerful than the White Pope. I’d be willing to bet that 90% of all Catholics have no idea that there even is “a Black Pope.” 

Is your head spinning yet? Just wait, it gets better, er . . .I mean worse. Supposedly Pope Francis is going to be the last Pope we will ever see as documented by Saint Malachi about 900 years ago when he had spiritual moment and wrote down the names of the next 110 or so Pope’s until he got to Pope Francis. Let me tell you, this guy(Malachi) was pretty damn good with his predictions and for the most part was spot on! It has also been stated that Satan had taken up residence in the Vatican a couple of decades ago and what we were told about the “Last Secret Of Fatima” was not the whole truth and it sounds like we are going to get our asses handed to us as told by “Father Malachi Martin” an “exorcist” from the Vatican.

And while we’re on the subject of the “Vatican”  (are you seeing a pattern here, some twisted connection?) let’s dive right in to this polluted ocean . . . “Aliens!” Yup, that’s what I said . . . “Aliens!”  Does the Vatican know something that we don’t? Come on in and take a look, see what you think . . .

Oh, just for a little useless knowledge, did you know that Pope Francis was elected Pope on 03/13/13 at 7:06? Curiously . . . that is 66 minutes past the 6th hour . . . “666” Just saying . . .  but I digress, where should I go from here? How about “Aliens, CERN, Demons and the Pope?”

Did anyone happen to catch the “CERN Logo?”  Is it just a little creepy that it happens to be the “Number of the Beast? Why would they make it . . . “666”  That seems to be popping up more times than I’d like to see. And why the hell did CERN put up a statue of “Shiva,” The God of destruction and desolation in front of their main office? Can you say . . . F**k’d up?

I am a practical, common sense, kind of guy, but I also know that there are so many new and fascinating things to be discovered in the universe that we can’t rule anything out . . . “Anything and Everything is Possible!”  But do we have to make these discoveries by putting peoples lives in danger, or better yet, our planet in danger? If you look closely, you will find that certain predictions from the “Book of Revelation,” have already happened or are soon to take place and that has me concerned, especially this one;

“The mark of the Beast” Apparently, the Book of Revelation says that everyone will have to take the “Mark of the Beast” in order to shop, trade, buy goods, etc . . . money will be obsolete, but those who don’t take the mark will be unable to do any of these things. Well folks, think that’s crazy? Think again . . . it’s already here . . . it’s called the “RFID” chip and it IS the Mark of the Beast!

You can’t tell me that you don’t see the connection, right? Pretty scary S**t! I’m no biblical scholar, as a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve ever actually read the bible or the Book of Revelation, but I’m also not so blind as to not see the unprecedented parallels. Again, this is just my opinion and there is nothing I can show or tell you that actually proves this is our future.

September of 2015 is shaping up to be either one of incredible change or one of exposing those who thought they knew what was going to happen . . . and it didn’t! However, here is one of my biggest concerns; On May 13, 2014, Secretary of State, John Kerry and the French Foreign Minister announced to the world that there were “500 Days To Avoid Climate Chaos!” What? How? Five hundred days from that date is September 23, 2015 and the Pope addresses the U. S. Congress on September 24, 2015. Seriously, what is going to happen on September 24? Why the hell would the French Foreign Minister say something like that . . . and then not finish his sentence off with; “and then “blank” will happen.” But Noooooo! So everyone is left hanging . . . Do you think it’s possible that when he says “climate,” he might be referring to the mind-set of the people? Just a thought.

So there you have it! Is all this our destiny, is part of it possibly our destiny or is absolutely none of it our destiny? I must say though, never have I ever seen so many knowledgeable, professional, people agree upon something as I see them doing for September, 2015. I mean some of these people are putting their heads out on the chopping block and betting the farm on this. In my opinion, something about this screams; “wake up and pay attention!” Especially the statements about the 500 days until “climate chaos” and the truth about the “Third Secret of Fatima.” What were they trying to tell us or warn us about?

All I know is my daughter is getting married in October and I’ll be really pissed off if all these things start happening and they interfere with her special day! I actually had a dream the other night that (you will either laugh hysterically or be terrified) I was watching Pope Francis speaking in front of a group (possibly Congress, maybe the U.N.) and he calmly told everyone that aliens were real and that he was one of them. Then he started to morph into one and people started screaming and running in terror. Ya, then I woke up . . . I didn’t know whether to laugh or start becoming a prepper! Maybe I ought to lay off the Ben & Jerry’s and stop watching so many doomsday videos before I go to bed.

I can’t tell you that I know what’s going to happen because, well, I don’t! I will remain positive and send thoughts of peace and prosperity throughout the world . . . I’ll also have the family packed up and ready to leave Dodge should the proverbial poo poo hit the fan! All I can say is; “I bless everyone, everywhere, with light and love and I bless them with energy from the pure source.”





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