A Race Of Giants “Did” Exist . . . Nephilim? Fallen Angels”

Genesis 6:4 begins with the words; “There were giants in those days,” and guess what . . . that is a true statement. In almost every state in the U. S. and in almost every country around the globe, skeletons of a race of giants have been discovered. “Why hasn’t this information been made public?” That’s an easy one . . . by admitting that a race of giants actually existed, it would challenge the evolution of man and prove that “The Bible” is real.

Right here in the U. S. our very own prestigious Smithsonian Institute has been part of a massive cover-up involving the “skeletons of giants.”  The Native American’s not only believe that giants existed, but they are part of their legends and cultures. Now, when I say giants, I don’t mean like 75 feet tall Jack and the bean stock giants, but closer to 10 feet tall to as big as 35 feet tall.

As more and more pictures and evidence like skeletal remains are found and documented, the more the public is being told and shown of their true existence at one time. There is no denying it, skeletons don’t lie-people do.



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