“The New World Order Is In Your Backyard And Satan’s On Your Trampoline!”

It has the plot and story line of a great disaster or horror movie with a cast of memorable characters and events that seem so realistic. The problem is . . . “The plot is real, the characters are real and the events are happening as I write this.”  What I’m talking about is; “The New World Order or NWO and the historic events that are coming together to bring their plan of death and destruction to fruition.” 

It has been a longtime coming as the plans for a “One World Government” have been in place for many decades. As a matter of fact, Adolf Hitler was one of the first madmen to suggest such a thing and here it is 2015 and now even the “Pope” is pining for its creation. Although it is toted by the Elite of the world as this wonderful, amazing, conquest for the entire world, it is nothing more than a grand deception orchestrated by “Satan” to trick the world into falling for his evil plan to take over mankind.

The events are happening right under our noses and the majority of people haven’t got a clue as to what is going on. Either that or they know about it, but refuse to admit or believe that it is taking place. Maybe fear has got a lot to do with it too and that my friends is a totally genuine reaction, as it should be. Please watch the two videos below and learn the facts . . . your life may depend on it. If you think this is a joke or impossibility, you are only deluding yourself and will fall victim to the “Illuminati Agenda” and the suffering that goes along with it.

There is much dis-information out there intended to persuade you to think that this is nothing more than some psychotic conspiracy theory, but I can assure you . . . “It Is Not!” Everyone needs to wake up and open their eyes to what is taking place right in front of them . . . look at all the signs, research and study up on it as much as you can, but mostly . . . “Be Prepared and Don’t Give Yourself Over To The Dark Side . . . The New World Order Side . . . The Illuminati Side!” The NWO is in your backyard . . .



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