Cell Phone Parenting . . . Rampant Neglect

Mom, mom, mooooom!” the little girl pleaded as her mother, unable to lift her face up from her cell phone, intentionally ignored her daughter’s cry for attention. Again, the little girl, probably five or six years old, attempted to get her mothers attention by calling out to her a little louder this time; “Mom. mom, listen to me.” The mother, now feverishly annoyed at her daughter for interrupting  her affair with her phone, screamed at the poor little girl; “What the F**k is wrong with you, what do you want?” It was to late now, the little girl had an accident on the floor and was now crying. “I tried to tell you mom, I tried to tell you.” The mother, now enraged, grabs the little girl by the arm and yells at her; “Jesus Christ, now we have to go home,” As she is leaving, the little girl still in tears,  stops, picks up her phone and stands there for another ten minutes with her face practically pressed against it and her fingers tapping away at the keys like a frantic lunatic.

Cell phone parenting is now at an epidemic proportion and I think a bill should be passed that allows intelligent, caring, good parents to go over and slap these cell phone parents upside their heads! Sorry, but I think it’s a form of child abuse and neglect and should be dealt with accordingly. Don’t tell me that you don’t know what I’m talking about, because I know you do and I know you’ve seen incidents like this all the time. Seriously, do these parents really care about who’s screwing who or who’s fighting on Facebook more than the welfare of their own children? They don’t deserve to be parents then.

Oh, and we can’t forget the ones who do cell phone disciplining now, can we? You know the type . . .the parent who can’t be bothered to look up from their phone, but who, in a monotone and uncaring voice says; “Billy stop that, stop right now.” and continues wildly typing on their phone unaware that Billy has now opened up every box of popsicles in the frozen food section. We really should be allowed to hit them really hard to knock some sense into them . . . oh that would feel so good to do that, wouldn’t it?

Hey Parents . . . “WAKE UP!” If you are a cell phone parent, knock it off. If you’re an intelligent parent, feel free to punch the cell phone parents in the head!


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