How To Bestow a Bubble Blessing Of Light, Love And Energy


Do you bless the people you love such as your family and friends? How about people you don’t even know or possibly even dislike? What about your pet’s, nature, dreams or other things?  I do . . . and so can you . . . if you want to. Here’s how; Every night before I go to sleep, I visualize all the people that I love and then I surround them with a beautiful bubble of “Divine Light.” 

Next, I say these simple words; “I bless you with love, light and pure source energy!”  I also do this when my family or friends go out, on vacation or are in need of a positive outcome.  And yes, I even do it for people or things that really tick me off or get on my nerves, it’s kind of like a “karma” kickback.  You can bless anything you want like your car, a bug on your windshield to a tree in the forest.

“I believe that the more things you bless, the more blessings you attract back to yourself.” Try it out, what have you got to lose. Surround everything you love in a Bubble of Divine Light . . . Even Yourself!


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