“A Tour Of The Universe And Why Earthly Terror Events Are Meaningless”

 For many months now, I have been reading articles and watching video’s about how the demise of Earth and its people are going to take place very soon. I can’t say for sure that the authors and creators are correct in their prophecies and predictions, but they certainly made me sit up and pay attention to what is going on around the world. I’d like to think that everyone is “wrong” and that somehow we’ll all learn to consciously create a better world and more compassionate society, but as I look around my hopes dwindle like melting wax running down a candle. To understand what I’m talking about, please read my previous post’s.



Of course I wonder what will happen if even a few of these predictions actually come through to fruition and it makes me feel helpless and frightened. It just doesn’t seem right that so many people can think and act like barbarians and believe that they are better than everyone else and that their word is law. It’s pretty damn obvious that these terror groups are filled with mentally unstable individuals who dress in arrogance and feast on hypocrisy. “Why?” Why do people want to see the destruction of Earth happen when it doesn’t have to?  I really think it’s time that every person in the world just stopped what they were doing, looked up and stared deep into the “Universe” and put the big picture in perspective. It’s quite humbling.



“Take away the glare of streetlights and the occasional airplane (producing Chem-trails) going by and I see an infinite journey through our amazing “Universe,” filled with brief, but profound, visits with our galactic neighbors. I see undiscovered wonders and miracles just waiting to be found and used for the betterment of all life on Earth with no exceptions.”

Before we begin our “Tour of the Universe,” I’d like all of you to take a moment and sincerely and honestly open your mind’s and heart’s and reflect upon the words of enlightenment I offer you. The object of this reflection is not for you to just read the words, but to experience, understand and feel them because they are written from a place of truth, a place of peace and a place of love. Welcome To Our Universe, where have you been hiding?

                                              “Reflect Upon The Place Where You Stand!”

Our home, the place where we stand, this place called Earth is a tiny, insignificant, dot on a miniscule piece of property we rent from the “Milky Way Galaxy.” Both our front and back yard’s look out onto an “infinite Universe” with billions of galaxies filled with billions of other planets, stars, and other life forms residing in each one. And still so many humans think they’re all that and a bag of cheese curls, but guess what, they’re not.

What’s holding the Earth up? Haven’t you ever wondered that? Stop for a second and in your mind visualize the earth. Visualize it just hanging there in space . . . rotating . . . and circling this big yellow hydrogen monstrosity called a sun. Is there anything below us holding us up? What about above us? Kind of a “Wow!” moment, huh?  But it doesn’t end there, no it doesn’t, there’s so much more to our Itsy-bitsy slab of real estate. And so much more to be ashamed of, to be revolted by, to be horrified of and to be amazed at and proud of. It’s time for everyone on this planet to wake up and put into perspective our relatively meaningless  place in the “Universe!”  It doesn’t feel so good, does it? To be called meaningless.

Have you ever really, really, tried to comprehend the size of our “Universe” and every known and unknown thing that exists  in it, around it, above and below it? Try it, I guarantee it will make you rethink everything you thought you knew or felt. Billions of years ago, we were given this hybrid planet that would evolve into an amazingly, beautiful, world filled with spectacular life. And what have we done with it? What have we done to it? The problem is; “We are delusional and think we own the Earth. We don’t own squat!”

What’s even more terrifying, is the fact that humans have become so ignorant as to our place in the “Universe.”  They create deadly wars and weapons of mass destruction. Seriously? Let’s set the record straight . . . We don’t own the Earth and we have absolutely no right to destroy it or its inhabitants!”  We are only here for a millisecond in the grand scheme of time, so are we seriously going to spend that time seeing who can f**k up the planet the most or think of inhuman ways to torture and kill other humans? We are so damn stupid! No one gets it . . . “Wake up nimrods!”  Change is not going to happen by itself, it takes deliberate action and a sense of courage, compassion and purpose. I just don’t understand why everyone refuses to wake up and put everything; the Earth, the Universe, life, death, galaxies, suns, planets, stars and  anything else you can think of into an intelligent perspective? Try it and don’t , I repeat don’t let anyone think for you. You are free to think whatever you want to, whenever you want to, however you want to.

My mission is to get this message out to the world, yup, the entire planet. To do this, I’m going to need some seriously, heavy duty, help from everyone around the globe. Can you please help me? Will you please help me to spread this message of enlightenment on every continent? Let’s do this, it’s time to take the Earth back and heal it. We’ve destroyed it enough, To help you along, I’ve included a couple of videos that will take you on a journey through the Universe. have a safe trip and remember . . . think about your place in our Universe as you travel through it and please share this message to everyone you know and ask them to do the same.

Peace To You My Brothers And Sisters, Namaste, Jim

I really would like to see this page get shared around the world. Please pass it along and comment where you live. We can watch it travel together! Thank You!



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