Doctor Murdered For Finding Cure For Cancer . . . And Autism . . .

                                     Doctor Murdered for Finding Cure for Cancer


Yes, you read that correctly . . . a doctor was murdered because he found a real, natural, cure for cancer. Isn’t that sickening? And that’s not all . . . three days before he was shot in the chest and then dumped in a river, Federal agents kicked the doors down to his facility and seized all his “breakthrough” cancer treatments.

Doctor Bradstreet’s murder is the latest in a string of murders involving doctors who have found genuine, natural cures for diseases such as; cancer (all types), Alzheimer’s, autism, arthritis, and quite a few more.

“Why?” you ask. The answer is very, very, simple . . . “MONEY!” Now I know, well, hope anyway, that you’re not living under a rock and are genuinely aware that the “Pharmaceutical” industry is the driving force behind all these murders. They would stand to lose billions of dollars if natural, less costly, medicines were to be created and distributed to sick people living in the United States, and they just can’t have that now, can they? Did you know that the AMA (American medical Association) has been found “GUILTY” by the U.S. Federal Courts of a “Conspiracy” to destroy the “Chiropractic” Industry. What does that tell you?

Doctor Bradstreet found a cure for cancer, yes, a “REAL” breakthrough cure by using a molecule that occurs naturally in the human body. The molecule GcMAF not only cures cancer, but has also been shown to reverse “Autism.” Doctor Bradstreet’s cancer therapy treatment has been approved all over the world except the United States and has had almost a one hundred percent success rate.

So am I the only one really, unbelievably, pissed off about this? Have you ever had to watch someone you love waste away and die an agonizing death from cancer? I have and it is so unfair. And doesn’t it make your blood boil that they could have been cured and saved if the United States had only approved Dr. Bradstreet’s GcMAF treatment instead of being manipulated by the Pharmaceutical maggots and their agenda to kill anyone who stands in their way of making billions of dollars? And what about the children and adults who suffer from “Autism?” GcMAF has been shown to reverse autism.

Perhaps letters to our elected officials might help, but we all know how that works. Maybe Karma will take over and make suffer the ravages of that very same disease. Or possibly even someone very close to them who they truly love that could have been cured by “GcMAF.” What is it going to take for everyone to wake up and do something about this?

America the home of the free and the brave? Really? Well, freedom would, or should allow everyone the right to treatment with Dr. Bradstreet’s “GcMAF” treatment and brave would be the high ranking official who stands up to the evil pharmaceutical industries who put the almighty dollar ahead of a person’s god given right to the cure for cancer.

I also have to wonder if they believe in God, a higher power or other sacred deity. All I know is when the time has come for their final judgment on judgment day, I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes . . . uh unh, no way! Money ain’t going to save them this time.


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