The Lucifer Telescope . . . Project Bluebeam

Is it just me or is it ironic that the leaders of a religion with 1.2 billion people (Catholic) have a telescope on top of Mount Graham in Arizona called “Lucifer?”  Yes, it’s true, the Vatican owns the Astronomical Observatory on top of Mount Graham. It is the best and most expensive telescope in the world. It is even better then the Hubble owned by NASA. Imagine that!

The pictures this telescope can take are to say the least . . . breathtaking! But . . . there’s always a “but,” Mount Graham is also one of the most sacred sights to the Native Americans who live there and the Vatican had to obviously fill someone’s pocket up with cold, hard, cash to get approval to build their multi-million dollar observatory there. The Native Americans claim that the top of Mount Graham is a “star gate or portal” to another dimension.

What really baffles me is; “how can a religious organization find it appropriate to name their telescope; LUCIFER?” I find that just a little bit disturbing, don’t you? What are they looking for? Think I’m joking about its name? Well . . . I’m not! One search on Google will show you that I am not joking around. What’s even more disturbing is what the priests have been openly saying about what they are looking at and looking for.

When asked about it, one priest freely stated; “We are watching a large inbound object heading towards Earth.” Can you say; Nibiru or a very, very, large asteroid? Father Giuseppe Tanzella-Netti, a professor at the Vatican University is quoted as saying; “Very soon we will not have to deny our Christian faith . . . but there is information coming from another world, and once it is confirmed it is going to require a re-reading of the Gospel as we know it.” 

The Jesuit astronomers also say that seeing alien spacecraft through their telescope happens many, many, times throughout the day. Monsignor Corrado Balducci, a Vatican spokesman says; “There is an alien presence on Earth right now.”  I’d be willing to bet that they didn’t name their telescope “Lucifer” as a bad joke, but more because of what they are looking at. Is Lucifer and his fallen angels on their way back to Earth? It has been predicted in the Bible. Something is going on, something “big” and I have a feeling we are going to find out about it within the next few months.

Seriously now, what religious, holy, organization names their telescope “Lucifer?”


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