Armageddon or Awakening? What I believe and What I Know!

Armageddon or Awakening?

What I believe and What I Know!

Over the last few months or so, I have been conducting a personal study in human behavior relating to positive and negative emotions and reactions to certain subjects and experiences. I have been keeping track of monthly visitors to both my website about everything good and positive as well as my site about everything chaotic and negative. To date, the results have been somewhat encouraging with the positive website receiving a few more visits than the negative site, but it has also opened my eyes to both the double standards by which some people live and to some unbelievable facts and events that most people, including myself, sincerely don’t want to believe are true, but sadly know they are. On the positive side, “I believe” that most people are filled with goodness, but are just not sure how to use it to change the world. However, I have a very, very, strong feeling that they’re going to have to learn how much sooner than later. and

I began my study by religiously surfing through YouTube watching video after video about all the negative events that are supposed to be taking place in September of 2015 and how these events are going to mean dire consequences for everyone and everything on Earth and quite possibly the entire universe. The issue isn’t whether these events are possible because, well, some of them are already set to take place while others have the possibility of happening as direct or indirect responses to these events. We also can’t forget the predicted cataclysms that have a giant question mark hanging over them because the jury is still out on whether they are to be taken at face value and believed or not. What I know is; “Within the Universe we live in, all things, great and small are possible.” That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to happen, just that anything is possible.

At times it seemed as though every dire prediction I read or watched branched off into different trees of calamity and then repeated several more times until it stopped at some far-fetched, lunatic driven, video about how President Obama kills babies in ritual sacrifices and then eats them as part of his devotion to Satan. Seriously? Other videos are even worse and the comments would make even Satan blush. Don’t get me wrong, there are predictions, accusations and factual evidence about certain events happening that I know could happen and that literally scares the hell out of me! What I believe is; “together, collectively as a whole, we have the ability to change all outcomes to positive ones through the power of our thoughts.” The list of atrocities supposedly taking place in September are to say the least, discouraging and frightening, so I decided to begin with one of the more popular, historic events which is; the visit of Pope Francis to the U.S. and his addressing of both Congress and the United Nations suggesting a “New World Order and supposedly a One World currency.” We also can’t ignore the Papal Prophecy which was written by Saint Malachi about nine hundred years ago and whose predictions have been pretty much spot on or the “Third Secret of Fatima” as told by Father Malachi Martin.

If you know anything about Bible prophecy and “The Book of Revelation,” you’ll understand why the reaction to the Pope’s visit is filled with fear and tension. I also think that I heard mention something about the U. N. taking a vote to give the Palestinian people their own homeland which also makes believers in revelation start packing their bags for their return trip home to God and heaven while the rest of us heathens are left to face a horrific tribulation on Earth. Am I a believer in revelation? Well, without sounding like a big jerk and with no disrespect for the true believers; What I believe is; If people start disappearing in front of me and everything predicted begins to happen, only then will I believe. I know, it sucks for me, I’ll be left behind, but at least I’d know the truth and try to make amends while I’m stuck on Earth.”

It would be absolutely impossible for me to share everything I’ve learned and experienced on one page so I am going to split it up into several parts. Some of the subjects I will be writing about are; the Pope, Vatican and Alien agenda, 500 days until climate chaos an asteroid strike in the North Atlantic, An east coast tsunami, Martial law, CERN, The New World Order and the Lucifarian Elite, Blood Moons, the Shemitah and solar eclipses and Planet X or Nibiru. All of these events are supposed to be taking place in September 2015, boy are we going to be very busy saving our sorry, pathetic asses! And do you want to know what the real kick in the ass is about all this? In all truthfulness? There is “factual” evidence to support everything I have just written down. If I were to tell you that I wasn’t just a little bit concerned, even cautiously scared, I’d be lying through my teeth. What keeps me positive and gives me hope is knowing that it is up to me to keep a positive attitude and project only positive thoughts and vibrations as a way of changing the outcome of any or all negative events.

The time has come for everyone to open their eyes, their minds and their hearts because change is approaching quickly and we all must be ready for every challenge that we are faced with be it good or bad. It is not my intention to try and convince you or the world that every prediction or prophecy is going to come through to fruition and that we are all doomed, but rather to educate anyone willing to listen to me or read what I write about the possible realities our future may hold and how we can work together and make every effort to assure our happiness and survival.

Keep an eye out for part 2 . . .Our journey is just beginning




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