Hey, Hey, Hey, It’s Fat Alb . . . er. . . Bill The Serial Rapist!

Bill, oh Bill, oh Bill, please say it ain’t so . . . say it ain’t so! Mr. Cosby, you once made me laugh and I thought your comedy was pure genius, but now my view of you has changed quite significantly and rather quickly. You sir, are a piece of disgusting bull excrement.

When the allegations against you first made their evil presence, I gave you the benefit of the doubt thinking that maybe the accusations and the accuser were possibly just trying to manipulate and blackmail you over an old grudge or something.  How could Mr. Bill Cosby do something like that? Why on Earth would Bill Cosby need to drug a woman’s drink just to make her have sex with him? I held my judgement until all the evidence against you and in your favor was presented in a court of law.

And yet, you spoke of your innocence, never straying from the straight and narrow. It seemed as though each week that passed more and more women came forward accusing you of doing the same sadistic thing to them. My opinion of you and my belief in your innocence gradually diminished until I was sure of your guilt. Mr. Cosby, did you not think that a portion or all of your previous depositions would ever be revealed to the public? Did you really think you were that far above the law?

Your arrogance was your downfall and now, there in black and white, is your sworn testimony where you freely admit that you drugged  several women and then had sex with them. You sir, disgust me. You are a deplorable human being. There is no doubt in my mind or the minds of many others (including all your former co-stars) that you are one hundred percent guilty of every charge that every woman has brought against you.

Being a husband, the father of three daughters and the grandfather of a beautiful little girl, I find your actions unforgiving and evil. Of all the characters you’ve ever played, I guess your role as a “serial rapist” was your Academy Award winning performance. And even though the statute of limitations has run out and no criminal charges can be brought against you, keep in mind that one day you will be judged by a far greater power than anything on this Earth. As for now, you will live the rest of your days in shame knowing that every time someone sees you, hears your voice or even mentions you that nothing good will ever be said about you again. May Fat Albert and Heathcliff Huxtable rest in peace.


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