A Letter For September, So My Friends Please Just Remember

“September 2015

5″ by itself it appears harmless, neutral and just another date, but what if I told you that within those quotation marks resides destruction, terror, a new world order and death?

Dear Friends,

It is now September and everything we thought we once knew is spinning horrifically out of control as we do our best to save our families. Maybe I should have paid more attention to the warning signs that were everywhere on YouTube, but most times I thought those people were just crazy lunatics or out of control conspiracy theorist’s. Can you seriously blame me? How could it be possible that so, so, many negative events would take place in just one specific month, namely September, and I’m so sorry I didn’t warn all of you before this.

Looking back now, I understand my reasons for not saying anything, but that still is no excuse for letting my ego prevent me from warning you about terrible events that were predicted to possibly take place during the month of September. I had no way of knowing that these negative things were actually true and about to happen other than what I heard and read from YouTube video’s. let’s face it, there were so many things predicted to happen that it seemed impossible for all of them to really take place . . . but they did . . . and I’m sorry.

I should have known the proverbial poo poo was going to hit the fan after watching this video;

I should have done the math dammit!  500 days came out to “September” I’m sorry, but I was so confused and torn between what was real and what was just plain nonsense that I would have felt like a fool if I warned you about everything that was supposed to happen. Let’s face it, there were warnings about Jade Helm 15, FEMA death camps and asteroid strikes in the North Atlantic, how could all of this take place right under our noses without us knowing?

And then there was all the hype over “Pope Francis” visiting the U.S. in “September 2015” and addressing Congress and the United Nations asking for a “New World Order” and how the Anti-Christ was said to already be here setting into motion the stories from the “Book Of Revelation,”  Next on the list was; Planet X or Nibiru was said to be heading inbound towards Earth and it would cause great destruction. They called it Wormwood in the Bible. It just didn’t seem real, I mean, how could all of this stuff really happen so fast and in the same month? I guess I was wrong and I’m sorry I didn’t say something to warn you earlier.

Of course  there were also many theories on chemtrails, HAARP and Geoengineering, but it was all too much, I just couldn’t believe all of this would play out just as predicted . . . but it did . . . and again . . . I’m sorry

With winter approaching fast and supplies dwindling quickly, I pray for your safety and that of your families. With determination, faith, hope and courage, we will make it to the backside of all this and begin a New World filled with Peace, compassion and kindness. I’m sorry, I should have warned you earlier, but it all seemed like a bunch of bull poo poo, no, that’s not it, it was me, me and my ego scared of looking like a fool.

Best Regards,

Your Friend






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