VIDEO: George Bush Violently Assaults Journalist for Asking Him Substantive Questions

Ya, sure . . . let’s put another Bush in the White House . . . NOT!

Patriot News

This is how Nazi saboteurs work, folks:

WATCH: Journalist Confronts George W. Bush On War Crimes
By Derrick Broze | May 15, 2015

Editor’s note: Journalist Derrick Broze is an independent investigative reporter for MintPress but was vlogging for The Conscious Resistance during the time of confronting former President George Bush.

(ANTIMEDIA) On Tuesday May 12, former President George W. Bush was signing copies of his new book, “41: A Portrait of My Father”, at a Houston bookstore. I happened to hear about the event the day before and decided I would attend to attempt to question Bush on one of his many crimes.

What crimes, you say?

First off, we have Richard Clarke, the nation’s top counterterrorism official under former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, accusing Bush and former Vice President Dick Cheney of committing war crimes in their 2003 invasion of Iraq. (At one point, Cheney…

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