What I’ve Learned From YouTube

I’ll be the first to admit that if I have a pressing question that needs to be answered or need “how to” instructions, I almost always turn to YouTube. Other times, I search for video’s on subject matters that I am very interested in or just for a good laugh.

The number of video’s out there on any given subject can be mind boggling and overwhelming not to mention off the wall and just plain stupid. And yet, there are other video’s that are enlightening, educational and truthfully frightening. Some video’s may seem “unbelievable,” but are actually the truth. You must always remember that; “Within folklore, myths and strange, mind altering, stories, lie elements of truth.”

Over the past few days, YouTube has made me aware of; Some big event is going to take place in September of 2015, the events of 9/11 were faked and can be proven, someone witnessed the Pope eating a baby in a satanic ritual, there is a galactic war being fought right above us and we have no clue about it, there are many awesome meditations, The Anti-Christ is here . . . or on his way, it depends on which video you watch, CERN is the abyss to Hell (I agree with that one) and an asteroid is heading our way and is expected to arrive in September. (the asteroid story might be very, very, true as I know for sure that the Vatican observatory in Arizona is tracking an inbound object heading directly towards Earth. The priest’s at the observatory openly admit it.)

What have you learned from YouTube today?


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