Geoengineering . . . Your Children Are All Going To Die

What is geoengineering? Geoengineering is; geoengineering is an immensely powerful covert weapon that the power structure is not about to admit to or give up. There is one thing you can truly depend on from governments (especially the US government), that they lie and deceive to a degree which can scarcely be comprehended.

The criminally insane individuals that actually run our government (which are above our “elected officials” who are little more than puppets) ultimately view American citizens in the same light as the Native Americans, we are an increasing liability to the power structure.  As the American population awakens to the tyranny of its “government”, the ever increasing surveillance of the US population is yet more proof that our government ultimately views American citizens in the same light as any other adversary. Every one of us is being systematically poisoned by the constant highly toxic aerosol spraying of our skies.

Now I bet most of you are saying to yourselves; “This guy is crazy, they’re (the U S govt) not doing that to our skies. They would never do that to the American people!” Guess what folks . . .you’re wrong, they would and they are! How many of you reading this have children? Grandchildren? How does it feel to know that they are being continuously poisoned by the aerosol spraying of our atmosphere? Don’t you care?

For a much, much, better explanation of what is going on right under your noses, I highly recommend that you read both of these articles. You’ll never look up at the sky the same way ever again;

Dane Wigington

You owe it to your children to read this! I am in no way a conspiracy theorist, but there is so much TRUTH here that it is irresponsible to turn away from this horrific genocide.


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