The Separation Of Country And Country

The recent horrific shooting deaths of nine innocent people at a church in North Carolina has sparked many a debate about issues such as racism, gun control, economics and a whole plethora of other assorted ignorant, one sided, hateful, jibber-jabber. I read one article written by a pastors son spouting that all “white” people need to check their culture which of course was followed up with remarks from all races and genders in the comment section that for lack of a better word, were disgusting.

Yes, this shooting was racially motivated and it was a senseless tragedy at the hands of a mentally unstable young man. Sadly, this same type of event will probably happen again and be perpetrated by some hate filled individual of any color. Mental instability and racism come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Another aspect of senseless (gun) crimes I am disgusted with is how other countries view us because of how many deaths by firearms we have yearly in the U. S. Oh look, everyone is killing each other again in the U S with guns again! We are supposed to be a nation of strength, freedom and hope so why are we, a global powerhouse, allowing the very citizens that make up our country to kill and maim each other with guns? This does not happen in other countries such as the U K, Japan, Australia, Germany, etc . . . so why is it happening in ours?

This isn’t about white culture checking their culture or black culture checking their culture or any other race doing the same, it’s about “Americans” checking the “American” culture. We are a country killing within a country! Look, I’m not saying that anybody is color blind and yes, their will probably always be racism and there most certainly will always be mentally unstable people, but it’s up to us as a “united” country to make sure that firearms are kept out of their hands!

We need stricter gun control laws and more and in depth background checks. Everyone has the right to own a gun (for protection or hunting) and I would say that for the most part people are mature and responsible gun owners, but we sincerely need to make some changes that could guarantee a person’s right to . . .live.

Those nine innocent people were in a place where they should have felt safe and able to pray in peace.  It’s time we stopped hurling racial insults at each other and it’s damn time we stopped blaming it on one race or telling others that their race needs to check in with itself. It’s time to put back together that which has been separated by ignorance and violence. It’s time we started living as “One Nation”


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