I Know What I Saw . . . Disclosure Time Is Now!

UFO’s, Aliens, Extraterrestrials, USO’s, Spaceships, Just the mention of these words has the ability to make some people laugh, some people cry and others to cower in fear and pain. Everyone questions there existence at least once in their lifetime, while others attest that they “know” they exist because of either direct contact or strong visual evidence.

Me, I’m a believer. Why is of no concern, but I am absolutely positive that UFO’s etc . . . are for real. It’s no secret that the internet is filled to capacity with video’s of supposed UFO’s and our extraterrestrial brethren and it’s no secret that 95% of it is Bull feces.

But what about the other 5 percent? You know, the stuff that no on can debunk or that it defies any reasonable explanation. And what about the people in that 5 percent who are the ones experiencing it? Sane people like you and I who, through pure coincidence or just plain dumb luck, are the ones it happens to.

What do you say to them? They’re your friends, they’re your family and they are visibly shaken up by what they have seen. An incident so powerful that they will swear on their own lives that; “I know what I saw!”  Maybe they’re telling the complete and honest truth.

Personally, I think it’s time for all governments in the world to disclose “The Truth!” As a people, we deserve at least that much. Sure, after disclosure we may have to go back and rewrite our history over the past 200, er . . thousands of years, but who cares just as long as we know the truths we should have been made aware of so very, very, long ago.

Here are two absolutely great, professional, videos concerning UFO’s, Aliens and government disclosure. If your a non-believer, well, this just might change your mind. Remember, these are ordinary, people with families just like you and I. Imagine for a minute . . .It was you!

Please come visit me at my other sites;  www.iamperfectlychangedandawesome.com  or www.fourseasonfunandstuff.com or www.musicandthemiddleageman.com  or www.chameleondirectmarketingandcopy.com

Namaste my friends and of course, many, many, blessings to you!

Here are the 2 awesome videos, watch them all the way through!


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