Creativity, Athleticism and Visual Masterpieces . . .

So, if you read my bio, you’ll see that I was once a performer until a physical tragedy ended that in the time it takes to snap your finger, but I will always be drawn to anything that has; music, dancing, visually stunning acts and athleticism.

One of my favorite events combines everything I have listed in one six to seven minute program that will blow you away. That event is the WGI World Championships. What is it you ask? WGI stands for “Winter Guard International” It’s the most amazing color guard show in the world with the best guards from around the world.

Each show is a display of true genius combined with saber, rifle and flag work that goes beyond intense. All of this put to many different genre’s of music and brilliantly choreographed dance routines. It is “athleticism” at its highest level and requires endurance, stamina, discipline and extreme concentration or someone could (and has before) gotten seriously hurt.

I cannot wait for my four year old granddaughter to get a little older so I can teach her how to spin both a rifle and a saber as well as spin and toss a flag. Even after all these years, I still have both my rifle and my saber waiting for someone to pick them up and use them. We’ll have to start my granddaughter off with dance lessons first before she begins her equipment training. After you watch these videos you’ll understand why.

Do you like music? Do you like dancing? Do you like a show that is visually pleasing? I invite you inside to a small piece of my world where I’m sure you’ll be totally impressed and blown away. Also, if you like music, check out my music site at

O K, so enough chit-chat sit back press play and watch these stunning performances;


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