There Just Ain’t A Happy Medium . . .

All winter long, we freeze our butts off in temperatures not fit for any human and try to stay warm the best we know how. We crank the heat up to a gazillion degrees, start a rip-roaring fire in the wood burning stove or fireplace and use electric blankets and heaters. All this to stay warm because it is so damn cold outside. Through the entire miserable snow and wind driven winter all we do is complain, complain, complain and say; “I can’t wait for summer, I’ll remember theses days when it’s hot outside!”

So fast forward a few months . . .it’s the end of May and the temperature is in the low 80’s at 9 in the morning and expected to go up to the 90’s with humidity. So what is everyone doing? That’s simple . . . rushing to put their air conditioners in so they can refreeze!  Seriously?  It wasn’t that long ago we were desperately wishing for hot weather and now that it’s here . . . we want to be cold again!

There just ain’t no happy medium!


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