Memorial Day and the UN-Official Start of Summer

Yesterday was Memorial Day and the UN-official start of summer and it was a totally awesome day! After going through a record breaking snowfall and bitterly cold winter, yesterday was filled with sunshine and temp’s in the eighties. And It felt Unbelievably fantastic!

Of course the day was started with a deserving tribute to all the members of our armed services for their continuous protection to keep us safe and free. Then it was “Parade Time!” My four year old granddaughter  wanted to get decked out in her “Patriotic” best and boy did she rock that red, white and blue ensemble.

A true Patriot!
A true Patriot!

After the parade, we had a cookout with family and friends and a better time could not have been had by all!

Great food, Great weather and Great Family and Friend’s, It was an all around amazing day! My granddaughter even graced us with her reciting of the “Pledge Of Allegiance” and she nailed it! Now it’s time to look forward to a beautiful, warm, sunshiny, summer! I hope Y’all had a great Memorial Day!

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