Big Brother Is Watching You . . . And He Wants To Know Where You Are . . . All The Time!

Do you really think you’re not being watched and monitored every day by “Big Brother?”  Well my friends, if you’re in denial because you blindly trust your government, maybe it’s time you woke up and joined the reality of the awakened and enlightened.

Every single time you turn your TV on,  power up your smart phone or use your bank or credit card . . .

“Big Brother Is Watching Your Every Move!”

Recently a woman in California was fired from her job at “The Money Tree” for not turning on her iPhone app that would track her every move 24/7. I’m totally serious! She explained to“The Money Tree” that she had no problem turning it on while she was working, but once she punched out . . .  where she was and what she did was absolutely none of their business. In my eyes, that is a direct violation of her constitutional rights.

I hope she proceeds with her case and wins, setting an example for any other business wanting their employees to do the same thing. Watch this video from 1984 about Big Brother watching every move we make.


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