Coming To A Neighborhood Near You . . . ISIS . . . Genocide . . . Trumpets

This post is not meant to frighten, persuade or deceive you, but merely to enlighten and educate you that you may find the truth which resonates within you and you alone. This post is one, small, baby step in a much larger project I am working on that will take an in-depth look at what has the possibility to grievously affect us in the near future, possibly as early as September of 2015.

All I ask is that you both read and understand my words and intentions as well as watch each video with an open mind and common sense. With that being said, I am not some obsessed conspiracy theorist nor am I here to judge anyone for their opinion or belief system. However, I personally feel that a very large scale negative event is imminent and that we should collectively as a people be aware of the possibilities that exist so that we may be prepared. (If that is at all possible) Do I know when such an event will take place? No, I do not, but there are certain elements that are falling into place which suggest the wheels of motion have already been set.

It has recently been reported by “all” the television media outlets (who by the way are totally controlled by the government) that the number of ISIS members living within the United States may be as many as two hundred strong. Because of this, security at all military bases and places of importance have been raised to a very high level. I think this is a very smart and educated decision as we all know that anything is possible in this day and age. What I don’t understand (yes, I am ranting on this again) is; “Given the superior and state of the art technologies our government and military possess and the absolutely mind blowing, totally destructive, things they can do with that technology, why “can’t” they locate and destroy ISIS and all its members?”

As I have previously asked in a similar post and am now asking again with even more suspicion than before after doing some research; “How is it possible that at any given time during the day, to the precise minute or second, special forces from both the government and military can use their technology to locate me taking a leak in my toilet in my ultra- small bathroom or tell me what I’m watching on television, but for some insanely bizarre and suspicious reason can’t locate ISIS or any of its members and annihilate them?” Could it possibly be that they “don’t want to” destroy ISIS and are involved in a sinister plan with them to form a “New World Order?”

Do you think that’s a farfetched idea or proposition? You won’t after I show you the reasons why I believe it’s the truth. Now I know that you are all intelligent people capable of understanding facts without diving headfirst into the denial pool so it is up to you to take those facts and either deny they exist, pretend they don’t exist or realize the truth and do what’s best for you and your family. For starters, I am going to begin with the Government Research Program HAARP.

HAARP or High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program is a top secret American weapon closely connected to the most brilliant electrical scientist that ever lived, Nikola Tesla. HAARP has been secretly, yup, right under our noses, launching rockets and weaponizing space for a very, very, long time. With these weapons, they can change weather and climate, cause earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, create holographic images in the sky, chemtrails, loud supersonic noises and much, much more . . . but they can’t find ISIS!

“But They Can’t Locate ISIS”  Hmmmmm . . . ? Do your own research on HAARP, I’m sure you’ll agree with me and why I ask said question.

Are we approaching a new age, paradigm shift or tribulation? Something is going on and its progressing at a rapid pace. Have we been warned many times before and ignored it? What do I think . . . “Definitely Yes!”  

There are way too many things happening for all of this to be coincidence because there is no such thing as coincidence. Is it religious, scientific, spiritual? I don’t know and wouldn’t dare presume about anything, but here are the things connecting to each other  Jade Helm 15>Cern>HAARP>The Pope Visiting the U.S.>Nibiru>The Illuminati  all of which I will go in-depth about in my next project. (it wont be on WordPress though, but you’ll be able to read it, notifications will go out.)

I want to leave you with what millions of people are calling the 7th trumpet. This is documented material witnessed all over the world. You can make up your own mind, but it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up straight and I must admit, it makes me nervous.





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