Newsflash World . . . It’s Just A baby!

I really don’t get what all the hoopla is about over a new born baby. The royal baby to be exact. I mean, she is adorable and I’m glad she’s healthy and that everything went well, but she’s just a baby. Nothing more, nothing less. Newsflash everyone, “Millions of women have babies every day!” and you don’t see throngs of spastic people jumping up and down at their doorsteps as if Jesus has just returned to Earth.

Second newsflash world . . . the royal family is no different than you or I, they bleed like all of us and they die like all of us. What everyone is failing to realize is that unlike the rest of us, that baby will never have to worry about anything for the rest of her life. Can you say that about  yourselves? Let’s get real here, just because hundreds of years ago someone cut another guys head off in a battle and declared themselves the almighty King and ruler, doesn’t mean they should be treated like their s**t don’t stink.

This doesn’t mean I think they’re bad people, I just think they’re plain, ordinary, people who other people have lifted to an undeserved God like status. Why is it they can be considered royalty and nobody else in the UK can?  I’m sure there are many, many, incredibly awesome people in the UK who are just as deserving if not more deserving of the title of royalty.

Think of it this way . . . “They have everything and the peasants have nothing!”  Is that really fair? How many servant’s do you have? Do you have a personal chef? When your baby was born, did some guy in a funny looking suit step out your front door with a bell and a declaration announcing your child’s birth? The point I’m getting at is everyone in the world, and I mean “everyone,”  deserves the same respect that they give the royal family. So until the day someone is  my personal chef, I have a gazillion dollars, and someone calls me King, they get the same respect I afford to everyone else in the world and not a drop more.

And please tell me why the birth of an ordinary, adorable, baby is headline news when there are so many more important issues that need to be dealt with and there were probably four million other adorable babies born on the same day. It’s time the entire world got its priorities straight. Like I said, it’s not something they did or didn’t do that makes me and about ten billion people feel this way, plain and simply put . . . it’s just a baby. Oh and by the way, my last name means Six Kings in french and my ancestors are from St Germaine France I wonder if I have royal blood?


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