I Think I Just Sprained My Fat . . . Diet’s Suck!

I really hate the word “diet” don’t you? Especially since it has the word“die” in it which means you’re going to die of hunger should you choose to accept the diet challenge. Screw that! I have struggled with my weight my entire life and understand how difficult it is to not only lose weight, but keep it off once you reach your “recommended” weight.  Who is doing the recommending anyway? If you’re one of those lucky and blessed people who have never had to be on a diet or who can eat anything they want and never gain a single pound, well, Screw you too! Actually, that’s not a fair statement because I suppose there are people out there who legit need to gain weight and face the same frustrations as those who  are busting there asses attempting to shed the pounds.

My personal belief is that some people are just born to be “Big,” just as some people are meant to be “Thin.” I’ve also come to realize that losing weight doesn’t have to be as difficult as I think it is and making simple, small, changes in the way I view food, will, in the long run amount to a large decrease in my weight. So, my new journey is dropping some unwanted pounds not only for health reasons, but my daughter’s wedding is in October and I’d really prefer not to look like a walrus wearing a tuxedo. This decision was reached after I had a little mishap or small accident involving a broken kitchen chair and slightly (I hope) injuring my “love handles.” When the doctor asked me what happened, I said; “I Think I Sprained My Fat!” Yes, after the laughter subsided and I was examined, the diagnosis was; “I Sprained My Fat!” I start physical therapy tomorrow.

I’m going to start with some simple changes, so I did some reading up on subtle, but, workable solutions. Did you know that if you sit next to a person who eats fast you’re more than ten times likely to follow suit. “Take your time when you’re eating.” Just because you’re served a huge portion of food does not mean you are obliged to scoff down the entire thing. “Stop when you feel full even if there’s some left over, you are under no obligation to eat the whole thing!” It was recently proven that the shape of your plate or bowl can have a great influence on the portion size you eat. use smaller plates at meal time because subconsciously your brain thinks it’s getting more.”  Never Deny Yourself Of Anything! You’re free to eat whatever you want, but you don’t have to devour it, just eat a smaller amount.

So, my mission has begun and I will keep Y’all updated on how I’m doing and what some of my greatest challenges have been. I know I have to lose about 60 pounds, but for right now . . . I’m shooting for 10, yup just 10. I’ll also keep you posted on how my “Sprained Fat” is coming along and hopefully improving. Until next time . . . Oh look, Ben & Jerry’s,  sorry, moment of weakness . . . peace, light and love your way, Namaste


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