Baltimore Is Burning . . . And Ignorance Is The Fire Starter!

So let me start off by saying; “Before you get all up in my face with negative comments, read this post carefully. Look for question marks, periods, exclamation points and don’t make any attempts at reading between any lines because there’s nothing there but truth!”

I remember watching the protest marches on television in the late 60’s and early seventies and how people of all races, ages and backgrounds came together peacefully to take a stand against injustices directed toward other people and local and world changing policies. The key word here is “Peacefully!” Protestors didn’t set buildings, houses, cars and businesses on fire and looting was never their priority. It used to be that the police who beat and bloodied the peaceful protestors or commanded their police dogs to attack were viewed as the bad guys and the instigators. After all, the “PEACEFUL” demonstrators weren’t doing anything wrong or illegal.

In the early eighties, I took part in my first demonstration when I attended an anti-nuke rally in New York city. Believe it or not, I went there with one of my teachers and about twelve other students. My teacher was an amazing woman and activist who, unlike today’s demonstrators, sincerely cared about the issues she was protesting. What an amazing feeling it was marching through the streets of Manhattan joined by thousand’s of peaceful people who truly were concerned about the possible destruction of our world. Yes, people were arrested, but they were arrested for locking themselves together to make a point, not because they just crashed threw a window and stole a 52 inch plasma television. “People protested based on facts, not assumptions.”

Let’s fast forward now to 2015, Baltimore Maryland to be exact and a tragic event that involved the police and a young (not innocent, mind you) black man named Freddie Gray. Firstly, let’s start with the facts; Yes, Mr. Gray did suffer a horrible, painful injury which severed his spine, that is true. But, the Baltimore Police were not responsible for physically injuring Mr. Gray. Somehow, somewhere, while being chased, Mr.Gray sustained his life threatening injury. He may have fallen, been struck by a car, any number of things could have happened to cause his fatal injury. but again, the Baltimore Police did not physically injure him.

What the Baltimore Police are absolutely, positively, without a shadow of a doubt guilty of is not having the decency or compassion to call for medical assistance after Mr. Gray pleaded with them for help. They should have acted as trained professionals and not arrogant asses. They obviously had extremely bad listening skills and even worse skills when it came to respect and basic human rights. They should be held accountable for their improper actions and punished accordingly. However . . . does that mean “all members of the police force” are bad or immoral? Of course not! There are so, so, many hard working, professional, caring and compassionate members of law enforcement out there, but it’s usually only the bad eggs we hear about.

Does that give the “Un-peaceful Protestors” the right to destroy, loot and burn down the city of Baltimore? Seriously, they’re nothing but ignorant assholes who are evil savages and who I feel, well, should have been shot and killed for what they have done to the city of Baltimore. Are you seriously going to tell me that they gave a rat’s ass about Mr. Gray and the agony he suffered? It’s all bullshit, all they cared about is using it as an excuse to smash storefront windows so they could go home and say; “look what I got honey, I got us a new, HD television and this awesome laptop!”  And what about the poor store owner’s? They are members of your community, hard working people and you destroyed their livelihood! WHY?  I’ll tell you why . . .it’s because you really couldn’t have cared less about Mr. Gray and all you wanted was something, some stupid ass excuse, that you could say gave you the right to steal, burn and destroy what rightfully wasn’t yours to begin with. I certainly hope you believe in karma because this will, by all means, catch up to you.

Another thing I’m so sick and tired of hearing is everything has to be about “race.”  I really don’t care if your black, white, purple green or maroon. When a person dies at the hands of someone else, it’s a tragedy no matter who they are! And just for the record . . according to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention who kept data on fatal injuries from 1999-2011 on homicides by legal intervention (the term legal intervention meaning a person dies at the hands of anyone authorized to use deadly force in the line of duty),over the span of more than a decade;  2,151 whites died by being shot by police compared to 1,130 blacks. This is not made up–This is fact! But more than this, isn’t it about time we got back to being the “Peaceful” protestors? The fact is, no one young, old, black, white or anything else should be dying at the hands of anyone else nor should any person of any age, race or gender be destroying the city in which they live by means of looting and arson.



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