Cell Phones and Child Abuse

Now before anyone rips into me about using cell phones, I get it, I really do. I have a “cell phone” and occasionally something funny or entertaining gets my attention so I stop . . .  pause . . .  and read it.  Then I move on! However, in my opinion, I feel there’s a new form of child abuse moving up the ladder of neglect called “Cell Phones!”

I don’t mean cell phones being used to inflict pain from being hit by them, but I’m willing to bet that’s happened before. What I mean is; “Children are being ignored and neglected because their mom’s, dad’s and guardian’s can’t get their faces out of their phones!” You know I’m right on this one, so don’t tell me you’ve never seen it happen before. The next time you’re at the mall or at the grocery store make it a point to look at the mother’s and father’s with children and their behavior towards their cell phones.

For example; Recently, when I was at the grocery store performing my “Domestic God” duties, There was a little girl shopping with her mother. Now, this; “poor excuse” for a mother was stopped in the middle of the aisle leaning over the grocery cart with her face buried in her phone. The little girl, probably about five years old was desperately trying to get her mother’s attention telling her; “Mom, I have to go to the bathroom.” The mother, still engrossed in her phone (she probably needed to collect her bonuses for whatever game she was playing or responding to a cat fight on Facebook) was ignoring this poor little girl by saying; un huh in a monotone voice.

By now, the distraught little girl was doing the ever popular “pee pee dance”  and was pleading with her mother to take her to the bathroom. Her mother figure, unable to get her face out of her cell phone and pay even a second of attention to her daughter just brushed her away still repeating her grunts of un huh. Now, I am a peaceful, nonviolent, person and I certainly and firmly do not believe in striking a woman, but you have absolutely no idea how badly I wanted to slap this woman upside her head with her own cell phone and tell her to wake up, grow up and get some help for her “cell phone” addiction. I felt so badly for this poor little girl and there was nothing I could do about it.

I’m sorry, but that was undoubtedly, most certainly and positively a form of “Child abuse!”  The little girl, in tears, finally grabbed her mother by the arm almost knocking the cell phone out of her hand and pleaded with her to take her to the bathroom. The mother, in a rage because her daughter interrupted her, grabbed her by the collar and headed for the bathroom berating this innocent child the entire way.  So here’s the issue; I’m a guy so if I went over and said something (losing my temper) I’d get in trouble. Is their a proper solution here? Would it have been a different scenario if I were a woman and went over and said something?

What would you have done?




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