Aaron Hernandez . . . Guilty On All Three Charges . . . Was Justice Served?

It’s a sweep . . . three for three . . . “Aaron Hernandez” guilty of 1st degree murder. Was justice served? Now I don’t mean; “Did the jury make the right decision?” because I feel they made a thorough and professional decision and provided the correct verdict, but what I mean is; “Did anyone really win?”  I’ll get to that in a second. I am a “Bostonian” I have a Boston accent and I sincerely don’t believe in the letter “R”  I am a dedicated fan to the “New England Patriots” and let’s not forget the “Boston red Sox!” “Aaron Hernandez” had (key word here) an incredibly promising career with the “Patriots” and could have had a life that so many dream about, but few ever get the chance to do.

As I sat in my living room and watched the verdicts being read in court, it occurred to me that no matter what the verdict was, the atrocity of the crime reached out further than just one person. One by one each verdict was announced by the jury foreperson , guilty on all three charges. The camera then scanned the people sitting in the courtroom . Some were reporters, some were friends of both the victim and the defendant and some were family of both. I watched as members of both families sitting on opposite sides of the courtroom buried their faces in each others embrace and cried. Some cried for the victim and others for the defendant.Everybody on both sides lost, there were no winners no matter what the verdict was.”

“So Was Justice Serve?” a young man with a promising career, more money than most of us will make in our lifetime, a beautiful home and family will now spend the rest of his life behind bars. (unless he wins his appeal) never seeing his daughter grow up, never being there for those special events in her life, never being able to have those  heart to heart talks with her.

It’s about “two mothers” each one mourning the loss of their sons . . .  one to murder . . .and the other to life in prison.

It’s about “a little girl” growing up without her father and about families torn apart by senseless violence. These men were uncles, cousins, fathers and friends.

It’s about their “girlfriends.” Each one losing a partner, a friend, someone to laugh with and a shoulder to cry on. You see murder is never about just one or two people. There are always far reaching consequences that most people never see or think about.

If “Justice”  means finding the defendant guilty of a horrible crime and putting him away for life, then, well, “Yes Justice Was Served!” But where is the justice for both families directly related to this crime? There isn’t any. It won’t bring the victim back nor will it change the events that led up to this day.

Sure, “Aaron Hernandez” was a well known, star player for the “New England Patriots,” but in the end, he’s no different from you or I. He’s just a man, a man who committed a horrible act of violence which no amount of money or stardom could save him from his own stupidity and fate. There were no winners today, only families torn apart by a senseless act of violence.”

“Was Justice Served?”





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