NASA Chief Scientist . . .We’re On The Verge Of Finding Alien Life!

NASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan announced this week that within the next 20 years they (NASA) will have proof that alien life exists somewhere out in our infinite Universe.  Well firstly, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that alien life exists outside of Earth and I am

UFO picture c/o fotolia
UFO picture c/o fotolia

also a firm believer that we (certain government officials and selected scientist’s) have been in contact with them for many, many decades, but have been deliberately lied to about it for reasons both appropriate and yet, asinine.

Of course, the alien life Ms Stofan is talking about is microbial in nature and not alien beings with  much higher intelligence levels than us. After all, those type of alien beings aren’t suppose to exist . . .(wink, wink, nudge, nudge)  Isn’t it about time that the world woke up and realized that the proof has been all around us for quite some time? Mathematically, it’s an impossibility that we are the only intelligent life forms in the known Universe and given the number of legitimate and documented UFO sightings that are reported every year, I’d say that we already know the truth. Well, at least I do!

What about the sane, decent, “normal” people who have witnessed, without a doubt in the world, such objects flying directly above their houses only to be looked squarely in the eyes and told they were imagining the entire incident. (A perfect example of this is the mass sighting in Arizona on March 13, 1997 called the Phoenix Lights.)  Talk about the government dishing out some heavy duty bull shi . . .feces! Entire neighborhoods witnessed the object fly above their homes and again, the government “told” them they didn’t see anything. Yup, I would call that a big old slap in the face. Even the Governor (at the time) witnessed it and he too was told; “You saw nothing.” I smell something really stinky here.

I do understand that years ago if the government admitted to the existence and communication with extraterrestrials  it might have caused a complete breakdown in society, but so, so, much has changed since then. The world is going through a paradigm shift and I’m sure if people found out we’ve been talking to ET, it wouldn’t phase anyone! Think about it . . . look at the world we live in today . . . are you seriously going to tell me that you don’t think we couldn’t use some assistance from a more intelligent being to help straighten us out?

Also,  for those who say they can’t believe in Extraterrestrial’s because they believe in God, I only have one thing to say. Are you putting limitations on what you think your God can do? If the God you believe in created this world, well then, I’m sure he or she is totally capable of creating an infinite amount of worlds both similar and completely different than ours. I just think that the time has arrived for the truth to be told. The days of giving the people little bits of information at a time to ease them into the truth are gone, we want to know the whole truth.

Which reminds me, the new season of Hangar 1 airs tonight on the History Channel,  Check it out, it’s a great show filled with “proof” and “truths.”  Let me ask you something; ” Do you not believe out of fear or because you feel that we are it, we’re the only one’s in the Universe?

UFO picture c/o fotolia
UFO picture c/o fotolia

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